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Sub-Urban: n; A sub-culture to the typical Urban market that gives cutting edge style to suburban influenced apparel.

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Fashion week is like heaven to bloggers, especially the one’s who take street style shots. Instead of them having to walk around the city searching, they were all waiting outside anxiously for the next stylish person that catches their eye coming out of the Lincoln Center.

It was great to finally meet some of the blogs I follow & for them to feature me on their sites. I have so many cards from people that photographed me so if you come across my picture on the net please let me know.

Check out some of the press I got from different blogs during Mercedes-Benz Fashion week.

Fashion Bomb

Swagger 360

Kidd U Not


June Ambrose Twitpic

HopeHope blog

“Wherever I go I take Philly with me.”

I think I am a good representation of my city. I like to show people what Philly is all about and what it has to offer from my perspective. When I go many places there aren’t many people from Philly so to see my fellow friend & designer  Brittany Deshields at Mercedes-Benz Fashion week was a breath of fresh air.

B. Shields, as I call her, is an up & coming designer who you have to drag her off the sewing machine to have some fun. Brittany was recently the closing designer in the All Star Celebrity Fashion Show in Hollywood, Miss USA was seen wearing her designs during the Superbowl weekend & her pieces were feature in Traum Digg’s music video. It is good to see people from your area making moves and building a collective of talented Philadelphians poised to take on the world.

Check out Brittany Deshield’s designs at

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During NYFW the best of the best come out to celebrate the creativity of fashion. One of my most memorable experiences was the amount of inspiration that I received. The creativity from the designers was not the only thing that was inspirational, the guests during NYFW delivered style, swag and charisma that filled the city with fashion longevity. After living in NYC for one week I look forward to returning in the Fall.

Some of many dope people I met during NYFW:

Guerre of

Celebrity stylist June Ambrose

KodakKid of

James Field of

Fashion PR & designer Mari J. Brooklyn

Shayla of

Check out pictures from the amazing inspirational people of NYFW

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One of the many different things to do while waiting for the next shows at the Lincoln Center is perusing the different vendors. One of my favorites was The Bumby’s appearance for the Fiji Water booth.  The Bumby’s are a performance artists duo that have been featured in Elle magazine and have performed at Sundance and the EMI Grammy party. To the naked eye this looked like an incognito guy typing on a typewriter but he really was a fashion interpreter; rating each guests’ ensemble individually. My rating 9.6 … Dope!