A King’s Wardrobe: South Beach, Miami

A King’s Wardrobe: South Beach, Miami
March 15, 2011 Curran

“Smilest: noun; a person who brings positive energy with their smile.”

For this trip I allowed the tranquil background to set the mood for my wardrobe. Bringing out the floral print which has been long over due, letting sand run through my canvas sneakers and hearing waves crash before me was my idea of paradise. Pairing that with a bright smile and a bright outfit brings inner peace. –K.R.T.

A King's Wardrobe South Beach Picnik collage Photography by: Jonny Rabbit of AnmlHse A Kings Wardrobe:

  • Swim Bucket Hat by Paul Smith
  • V- Neck by BDG
  • Yellow Converse Jack Purcell
  • Peace charm necklace
  • Floral camo denim jacket by Blassport
  • Cut off shorts by Levi

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