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This past weekend  two brands I’m affiliated with, House of Ra’oof & Kamouflage Concept store, participated in the Charlie Mack celebrity weekend fashion showcase.  The event was hosted by  the lovely Lisa Raye, who also exhibited her collection along with other  up and coming Philadelphia designers. Charlie Mack has been hosting this celebrity weekend since 1990 solely as a celebrity basketball game but now it has evolved into a charitable benefit to raise awareness and money for organizations that seek to stop violence.

The weekend includes a party for peace, movie screening & a fashion show. This was the first time in a long time I was able to actually watch the fashion event.  I must say that everyone put on a great performance. Check out the video of the House of Ra’oof segment;  in my opinion they saved the best performance for last! – KRT

Water bottles & water ice was all I could think about during this 90 degrees day I picked to attend the Brooklyn flea. It was my first time but I have been hearing about it for awhile now so I was excited to see what the hype was about. Because of how humid it was I could feel the energy was low but I still enjoyed myself more then usual because I came with Erik Honesty of Cultured Couture Vintage & Ali of AnobleSavage. Being with the two of them gave me more insight on different things to look for that I might have overlooked. Check out some of the pics from my Day at the Brooklyn Flea market.-KRT

Nail art, a lot of polish, and paintbrushes done by NailTite of Philadelphia was vending for the first time.

If I had room I would have taken one of these back home with me.

Some vintage pieces I thought were very intriguing

Street Kings: 1.) Cerebral Vortex who is a electronic rapper 2.) ran into my buddy Rich of whatrealpeoplewear 3.) Jamerson of SWRVBIZ from Philly

Cool things

Right after the BK Flea we went pass to holla at our good friends over at the BKCircus.


What do you look for when you go to Flea Markets?




“I believe Philly has been a ghost writer for culture in America”

Everyone takes pride in the city where they are from. So it was a must that I give my take on this article GQ wrote pertaining to the 40 Worst-Dress Cities in America. First and foremost I totally disagree with Philly as well as other cities even being considered amongst the worst dressed cities in America. Although Philadelphia may get complacent in popular trends they still have the ability to introduce cutting edge style.  Philadelphia has even been considered the “Swagger Capitol”.  I honestly think that GQ isn’t in touch with style and culture in most cities judging by this elitist list & lack of journalism.  There isn’t enough press or street style photography in Philadelphia, due to the lack of a fashion network to capture the true street culture.

The comment about Michael Vicks Jersey’s and Cheese steak stains is an insult and proves ones lack of exposure to our world.  Every celebrity from Philadelphia has shown style and originality and unlike most this was embedded from their upbringing and not hand delivered by a stylist.  Philadelphia is not a little brother to New York nor the 6th borough, but rather Philadelphia has been able to inspire other cities as well as reinterpret what has been inspired to us. I believe Philly has been a ghost writer for culture in America, but because of our lack of press and tech saavy we do not get the recognition we deserve.

According to Wikipedia, ”a fashion city should be an object of inspiration for the professionals that live there and posses an active, vivid, strong and unique sub-culture that inspires not only fashion professionals but also the people in the city, turning the street style and street culture into an essential characteristic”. Based on the developments of fashion and street culture, Philly  has been a major influence in the Tri-state area which is a major influence to the rest of the world. Philadelphia clearly fits in the definition of a fashion city.  From Ye ole revolutionary times to present, from vintage Americana to contemporary, from tailored suits to street wear it it this mix of fashion, business, entertainment, culture, and leisure that positions Philly as an attractive and internationally recognized fashion center with a distinct and strong swag. -KRT

Stylish Men I captured on the Streets of Philadelphia:

More Perspectives on Philly being worst dressed: Phillymag Uristocrat CBS Philly NBC Philly

Check me out on GQ during fashion week here

What are your thoughts on Philly style and us being considered worst-dressed?

From the hours of 8-6  July 17 through July 19 exhibitors such as Tawfeeq Gaines of TSR for Rheyn Clothing patiently waited for buyers to partake in their showcasing of contemporary brands in a Soho gallery. Infused with a bloggers lounge, curated by Mr. Connect-the-Dot himself Marcus Troy, which featured blogs such as The Denim Guy, Denim Therapy, William Yan, Selectisim, The Madbury ClubPor Homme and Avederoutfit.  Project had everything from a Ping Pong table, miles of free magazines, a free photography installation called Splashlight & if you forgot to get a haircut ProjectNYC had you covered by inviting The Blind Barber.

This time around was a little different than earlier this year (Kings Conquer Tradeshow). I wasn’t able to visit the other trade shows BlueENK & Capsule so it gave me a more personal experience observing some of the new & upcoming trends while connecting with some of the brands.  My two favorite brands were  CREEP by Hiroshi Awai , Strivers Row and the KSwiss the Joey Yates collection.  I was also impressed with Feltraiger , who has improved since the last time I came in contact with them.  The abundance of stylish individuals attending Project were buyers, store owners, stylists, bloggers, marketing specialists, and designers. To be surrounded by the inner workings of the fashion industry was very inspiring and allowed me to appreciate the business side of fashion, which most people tend to over look.

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“Take a break from nightlife and enjoy life in the sun”

Socializing with friends is no longer reserved for the nighttime. Cities like D.C. are known for having day parties and the trend is catching on in major cities.  With the help of Gianni Lee of Babyloncartel, Tyrone Dixon of LTM Marketing, Ed Brown of Abstract Thought and myself, we are working to bring unique and innovative events to the city. “The Day the Sun Never Set” is just the beginning.

Purchase your 10$ tickets —–>

Held at Shampoo outdoor tent 7th and Willow Street, The Day the Sun Never Set will feature

Live Music: Chill Moody, Leah Smith, Bones, Elle Maxwell, Beano, Ryshon Jones, Asaad Live Drummer: Iye Yinde Live Artist: Tone Casso FREE parking 3 DJ’s: Dj Ricochet, Dj Jovi & DJ Sylo Give aways courtesy of Vitamin Water official event sponsor.

Check out this promo video directed by Gianni Lee.