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“Come help us donate school supplies to hundreds of needy children”

Arts, Beats and Eats is a monthly networking mixer in the city of Philadelphia that contributes to the well-being of society through health initiatives and community service efforts. Arts, Beats & Eats is an event where individuals can grow personally and professionally. Monthly themes focus on “giving back” through toy, book, clothing and food drives. Other themes surround educating our guest on health, political and social ills that plague our community. Individuals are able to enjoy live art, spoken word and fine music while shopping different local vendors.

This month’s theme is our “School Supply Drive”. Come help us donate well-needed school supplies to hundreds of children to start their 2011-2012 school year.

Admission: $10 with school supplies & $15 without

Location: Primo Bacio Ristorante (8460 Limekiln pike) Towers at Wyncote. 7pm-11pm

Twitter Hashtag: #ABE

“Voice of the Young people”

What would your perfect male or female look like? Trey Songz, Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj were the answers the young adults at The Leon Sullivan building gave on a Saturday morning. Those are some of the people that today’s generation look up to. Concerned Black Men, myself & a few others, were given the opportunity to participate in a mini presentation workshop for Mothers In Charge called “Chop It Up”. The phrase “chop it up” simply means to converse or to have a conversation with someone. “Chop It Up” was an opportunity for me to advocate to the many young folks affected by violence, while also encouraging and motivating them. Although, this wasn’t my first time talking to young adults, I must admit, I was a bit nervous.

I take a lot of pride in community affairs as a young gentleman because I feel as though kids can enjoy my story and relate to me because of our age similarities. Receiving advice from my peers was not an option for me while growing up; it was always someone much older. The main message I wanted to get across was to be yourself and get your education. Also, showing and telling them the things that I have accomplished as well as the struggles I have encountered. – K.R.T.

A King’s advice to young adults: Take school seriously Get a job: There is nothing wrong working at McDonald’s Save your money while still living with your parents Dressing a certain way you will be approach a certain way Carry yourself with respect Pull your pants up If your going to get tattoos avoid face/hands Dress appropriately Build a relationship with your parents or a older person Stay away from reality Tv
slippers 2“Lets slip into something a little more comfortable.”

When thinking of men’s shoes what comes to mind? Maybe a wingtip, oxford, loafer or even a moccasin. Well a stylish alternative for men that has been hitting the streets, the nightlife and even the runway lately are men’s slippers. Not just any old slipper but hard-soled, velvet, fabric, embroidered, heeled slippers. Being able to rock a bedroom staple outside of its normality mixes up the variety of casual menswear whether it be dressing it up or down. The velvet slipper originated and gained popularity in 1840 with Prince Albert and are known as “The Albert Slipper” which gives them an opulent image.  → Read more

Every first Sunday of the month Shaheed Rucker of Changemakers Org, Gianni Lee of Babyloncartel & myself host a social mixer called Arts, Beats & Eats. We like to bring out the best in our attendees from choices of music, conversation & even style. So I have been featuring the best dressed male every Sunday on my blog for a style feature called Arts, Beats & Eats Best Dressed Spotlight (Check out the last month’s winner Brad Pointer).

I can honestly say it was a hard choice. There were so many stylish gentlemen that night that I decided to choose two. Yasin Nahl & Charles Holmes, both in their early 20’s are the owners and designers behind Zombie Flyed Nation. With only 6 months into their reconstructed vintage & street wear brand they have already been featured in fashion shows throughout the area. Both gentlemen have a distinct look that they merge to create a unique style.

You may know the last name of Yasin, as he s the son of Taji Nahl of House of Ra’oof.  His dad is a major influence on the way he shops and having an eye for good vintage. Beside him being a model for Debonaire’ Models, he is always dressed very put together and incorporates vintage into his looks seamlessly.

Charles stood out to me because pinstripes pants are my favorite and to see him wearing a pair caught my eye. I also like to see people create a great outfit from seemingly “basic” elements. Charles’ hat was a plain hat until he added the patches and he did the same with his sweatshirt. This spotlight is also about consistency and these two young kings display true style every month at Arts, Beats and Eats. – K.R.T.

Charles wardrobe description:

Hat by Zombie Flyed Sweat shirt by Zombie Flyed Pinstripe Pants by H&M Shoes by Zara

Yasin’s wardrobe description:

Shirt by Vintage Brooks Brothers Pants by Levi’s super skinny Vest by House of Ra’oof Shoes by Bruno Magli


What happens when five of the hottest brands in Philadelphia come together for a photo shoot? 

In a market where everything is a competition, joining forces with someone that is in the same field as you is the last thing one would think to do. Well unity is what Kings Rule Together is all about. Relying on others and highlighting your peers not only lifts others up but in turn helps to lift you up as well.

I decided to bring out five of the hottest young brands out of Philadelphia that I admire, and use their owners to collaborate in a photo shoot. With each brand having a distinct style and following, one thing that we all have in common are “Tees & Tanks”.  Each shirt shows 5 different perspectives on style.

A tank top is not only the new summer essential but a confident man’s best friend. Only to be worn during certain occasions but it’s fitting to beat the summer heat and still remain fashionable. Most men may shy away from this item because they’re not fit enough or just self conscious. Playing it safe and sticking to a T-shirt is still quite fine too. – K.R.T.  

Growing up in the 80s & 90s with a passion for art Don Scott, owner of  THE DNTN BRAND, evolved his company from the Don-Ation Clothing Brand. Not considering himself a fashion designer, Don is an artist transitioning his art into a wearable form. The DNTN Brand has become one of the most anticipated Philadelphia clothing lines and has been adopted by the urban/streetwear/hip hop & art community scene. With his new premium artwear collection rising and his keen artistic ability DNTN Brand is poised to make a creative splash.

“Intellectually Artistic” is a phrase that can somewhat describe Abstract Thought! Founded in 2007 by William Nearn Jr., Abstract Thought’s purpose is to design and distribute a unique type of clothing that will create its own timeless genre. They also challenge the consumer to derive his/her own understanding of their shirts in addition to hosting some of the dopest T-shirt release parties in the city. Their motto is “Always Think Abstract”

Founder Gianni Lee &  fellow Babylon Cartel members burst onto the City of Brotherly Love’s fashion scene with extremely colorful energy and unique style. Babylon Cartel was founded on the notion of “Pushing the Envelope” in street wear. Babylon wants to become a social hub that consumers relate to. We want to be the brand that you connect with on a day to day basis. Dressing up or dressing down, Babylon Cartel will not only be there for you to wear, but you can also be apart of “Babylon Cartel”.

King Rule Together started in November 2010 as a way to showcase my different endeavors in fashion, styling, event planning and style. The mantra of Kings Rule Together is a focus on bringing together men’s fashion and talented purveyors of men’s style. Kings Rule Together is a collective of gentlemen who understand the dynamics of not only dressing the part, but of being the part. It is my hope to showcase the Kings Inspire Kings tee-shirt and tank as a shining example of how what a person wears can serve as an inspiration for others. In the future, I envision Kings Rule Together the clothing brand as an extension of my style and an embodiment of the future of men’s fashion.

AnmlHse (pronounced Animal House) is a Philadelphia based company, formed by a group of college students concentrating in the visual arts field. Founded by Jonny Rabbit & PandaReemy, AnmlHse is a company surrounded by a brotherhood, which they call The AnmlHse Crew. This weird cast of characters serve as a foundation to their company and brings much to the table with each person’s individual talent. As a brand fully operating in it’s college years, they strive to showcase life experiences; whether it be struggling, entertaining, or being successful, they  hope that most people will be entertained by their daily ventures.

Photos by Ricky Codio follow him @RickFallenStar

Check out the all of the brands featured: