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I recently collaborated with Director/Cinematographer/Editor Derrick Woodyard of Three Hands Media. We have worked on many projects in the past but we finally decided to do a solo project about myself. At first I was reluctant on doing the video because ironically I am camera shy, but once we started filming it became natural. I feel as though I could have elaborated more on certain topics, but since this was my first interactive video of myself, I wanted to show the directors and a King’s vision. – K.R.T.

 Photo: The organizers of Black Is Beautiful Curtis Bryant, Shaheed Rucker, Gianni Lee and Myself Curran J.

Nationally Black Friday is known for sleeping outside of stores to get bigger and better televisions, ridiculously long lines, and guaranteed “ amazing deals.” In Philadelphia, Black Friday is known for being the day when the most sophisticated formal event in the city is held- Black is Beautiful.

This year was our fourth year hosting the event.  Dj Ricochet and Live drummer/artist Populartyin provided the evening’s musical entertainment. Catered by the venue with great tasting delicacies.   S.W.A.G. (Swag with Art Group), Acrylic paintings by Jay Taylor, Glass painting by Camille Safiya along with Photography Portraits by Nik C Photography  adorned the space  which created an atmosphere for what many have already described as an amazing event.

Shaheed RuckerCurtis BryantGianni Lee  and myself would like to take this time to thank each guest for understanding our vision to allow individuals to gather and network in the name of art, entertainment, self expression and actually making it reality at this year’s Black is Beautiful event. We look forward to seeing you next year at Black is Beautiful 5 – K.R.T.

Check out the photography by Lamont D Nyce & Atiba Green from Black Is Beautiful 4 HERE.

“Black is Beautiful 4″  

Black Is Beautiful IV is an evolving event on Black Friday that began in Philadelphia, Pa in 2007. Since then the event organizers and attendees have evolved and grown personally and professionally, assembling young professionals, entrepreneurs, artists and athletes nationwide. Each year we have evaluated the event to elevate our guest experience.

This year we have reached out to local artists from the Tri-State area to display their art on the event’s main stage. In addition to adding an art exhibit, we reserved a private location for our supporters to enjoy a night at a secluded location. The private location will be disclosed to those who have purchased a ticket. The count on tickets is limited to ensure a safe and comfortable atmosphere. This event is a ticket only event that includes an open buffet and requires you to have formal attire. We look forward to you sharing this experience with us as we seek to enhance this tradition every year. – K.R.T.

For tickets follow the event organizers here ——> @Change_Makers @Giannilee @Cbtheone and myself @Curran_J

For online tickets purchase here  –

“For all those who didn’t make the grade”

One of my favorite street wear stores in Philadelphia, Abakus Takeout , the Chinatown based brand just dropped their new look book for their fall/winter 2011 line. Known for their Chinese store front with sneakers hanging on the widows like ducks and and exclusive sneakers, their new line shows the more preppy side of the brand . The line features Ivy League theme Abakus sweatshirts covering all 8 Ivy League schools. They selected a great choice of scenery the fits the classic looks for the model. The only thing this store is missing is Chinese Takeout. – K.R.T.

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In this Photo: We had one of the nerds take our picture with his camera while the photographers Chris Ackrivo & Misha Vaksman caught shots of him doing so.

K.R.T. Academy featured 19 guys including myself that created one of the most memorable moments of my life. Eager to let this story unfold, I cannot express enough how much joy that day brought. It was an honor that I was able to bring forth so many gentlemen for this project. K.R.T. Academy began, as a mere idea that I figured if it was going to happen, now is a better time than ever. I figured this was a way to highlight my styling abilities as well as other young Kings that I work with on a day-to-day basis.

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