Behind The King: Collegiate Cool Essence shoot

Behind The King: Collegiate Cool Essence shoot
December 19, 2011 Curran

“When you consider yourself a King you must make sure the people that are around you are happy.” – Young King

Essence magazine offers an online publication that caters to the wants and needs of all their readers. When I first started K.R.T., I did not know what it would bring but I was fortunate to have features on online publications, with Essence being one of many. My various features with Essence in the past were usually solo spotlights and very spontaneous. This time was very different, there was a game plan and I was asked to bring some friends along.

Mercedes Benz Fashion week opened many networking opportunities for me, allowing me to meet and converse with some very influential people. Amongst the influential people I met was Hannan Saleh, a street style photographer for Essence magazine. Over the past months we have maintained communication and our networking/business relationship has transformed into a friendship. Hannan recently approached me in regards to a shoot she wanted to conduct for Essence. She asked me to gather some well groomed men and tell them we were shooting a “Varsity Jacket” without disclosing that the photographs were being taken for Essence. I reached out to 12 gentleman and once the details were finalized, we all met up in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia for the photo shoot.

The main focus of this photo shoot was the Varsity jacket of course, which is a timeless fashion piece that originated as apart of a sport uniform for student athletes. This versatile piece made it easy for all of us participating in the shoot select an outfit that would complement the jacket. Varsity jackets are trendier now in men’s fashion but each of us pulled it off in our own way, which made it come together nicely. Check out some behind the scenes pictures that I took that day. – K.R.T.

Check out the feature on Essence HERE

Check out the pictures I took below.




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