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“Positive feedback from the online community is really motivating for me” – Ivan Kasaj

I recently had the opportunity to be apart of a project composed of digital illustrations, created by up and coming illustrator/artist by the name of Ivan Kasaj. This was my first time working with someone who lives outside of the United States so I wanted to know a little bit more about him and his journey. The Trnava, Slovakia native Ivan Kasaj, is a freelance illustrator who likes to focus on men’s fashion, and ultimately turned his passion into a job.

 Cravatta Pelliano

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“Fatigue Inspiration”

When roaming the streets, there are particular images I want to capture.  On this particular day I noticed how many people incorporated fatigue into their look, hence inspiring me to dedicate a post to this pattern.  Being that army fatigue is at an all time high right now in the the fashion industry, It doesn’t take a fashion Guru to notice the amount of merchandise being made in this traditional pattern. - K.R.T.

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Recently I debuted the K.R.T. Limited Edition “KING” hoodie in Black, and after receiving so many great reviews, why not take it a step further? I present to you the K.R.T. (Gray) Limited Edition “KING” Hoodie. Now available for purchase at the online store HERE.


“Blending in while standing out” – Young King 

I chose the army fatigue cargo pant as an “essential” simply because of it’s versatility and standard. This may also be the reason why this pattern is being used now more than ever in the fashion industry.  People  are starting to realize that fatigue is the new black, offering a  unique pop when needed. While at the same time providing a neutral balance to pop color.  This trend has influenced  many brands to produce merchandise such as boots, shoes, bags, ties or  anything they can think of, with this disruptive pattern material.

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“Its not a competition, just apart of the everyday lifestyle”

Arts, Beats and Eats is a event that is designed to bring out the best in its attendees from choices of music, conversation and even style. Promoting uniqueness and individuality, every first Sunday I scope the room looking for the guy that deserves the Arts, Beats and Eats Best Dressed Spotlight.

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