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“Rule of Three”

When I hear the words “custom lifestyle” I think of creating your own destiny and making your own rules. Putting things together that don’t necessarily belong but make them work for you is a great way to describe the event that took place by the good brothers over at ButchershopReab, Search and Rescue, and Co-laborative lab. You might have heard of Search and Rescue before as they created my installation at the “K.R.T. New Online Launch” event. With each of these brands being skilled in their own craft collaborating in the installation of this space in Harlem 218 E. 125th st. Ny, Ny they were able to create an event showcasing a custom lifestyle through art, furniture, and fashion.  

Search and Rescue provided unique antique props as the backdrop for showcasing custom furniture by ButchershopRehab, and original Colaborative lab paintings and wearable art.  The experience was very gallery meets Trunk Show and all items on the floor were for sale. By way of many people being in attendance, tweeting and instagraming, it made the experience much greater  by having those in tune with social networking wondering what was happening at the event as they took pictures of the unique display. All and all this was a great way of Kings Ruling Together. – K.R.T.

Check out some of pictures I captured at this event HERE.

“a few styles on one street corner”

The other day, while posted on 17th and Samson, I was holding my camera while engaged in a conversation with my friends Shaheed and BigRube.  My eyes were wandering, looking around for that one person that deserved a snap shot. I noticed a few well-dressed women which cut our conversation short, they stood out to me amongst the crowded street.

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” young photographer with big dreams”

Recently, photographer Ricky Codio presented his journey as a photographer at his “Evolution” exhibition at the beautiful Gallery Exquisite. By showcasing both older pieces and through unveiling new works of visual art, this event presented the range of techniques and styles employed by this virtuoso photographer. In just a short period of time after launching himself as a professional photographer, Codio was regularly shooting for various clothing lines including Kings Rule Together, musical artists, and taste-makers, as well as many other clients.

The young photographer has positioned himself as the go-to photographer in the area for high-end, creative photo shoots. He has worked on campaigns that can be seen in such places as, and XXL Magazine (to name a few).  Various people and spectators came to the gallery to marvel at his works. He also showcased a painting done by the artist Ivben Taqiy, which was head-on in the likeness of one of Codio’s photographs, as well as showcasing one of Iris Bonner’s personal paintings for him.

The event was a success and not too long after that he sold his first print piece.- K.R.T.

Video By Derrick Woodyard.

“He’s (Pharrell) a King and I’m inspired by him… Kings inspire Kings.” – Curran J

Back in December I had the opportunity to be apart of a video for Pharrell Williams for an innovative movement called i am OTHER. As explained by Pharrell “i am OTHER is a cultural movement dedicated to Thinkers, Innovators and Outcasts.” Here is a behind the scenes look at the i am OTHER video. Director, Justin Francis, explained the videos concept, which was a loose parody of the extraterrestrial and science fiction films of the 20th century (more than likely “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”).

The overall message was that it was time for those who are creative, different, and socially outside of what is considered to be normal to step outside of their comfort zones and just be who they are. Pharrell as well as his  artists Buddy, Maxine Ashley, and Leah LaBelle gave cameos and spoke of the project.

Check out the video below. You can see the young King at the 34 second mark and even speaking of my experience during the filming of the project at 2:10. mark. – K.R.T.

“I want to be a successful designer and own my own clothing store” – Young King 2005

The words above is a quote from my old high school’s yearbook that I said. I didn’t realize that I said these words until I came back to Germantown High for the first time since 2005 for “I’m A Boss Day.”  A former classmate of mine, who was there, reminded me of this. This inspired me, due to the fact that along my road to success, my thoughts along the way when exiting high school was to tell myself and others that I never really knew what I wanted to do. The thing was that I really did know what I wanted to do, I just didn’t have any direction while doing it.

That was my main speech this day. Sometimes you may not have a clue or even be qualified for many opportunities, but hard work, dedication and consistency are the few keys to success whether you have experienced a great education or not. I told the students at Germantown High my many ups and downs as well as the benefit and roles that school, teachers, and parenting played upon their arrival to the big leagues.   My story was a perfect example of not being a product of your environment and overcoming the many stereotypes of today’s world.  Though I have so much more to accomplish,  I felt that I was a great representation of  how you can ” Turn Your Dreams To A Reality.”- K.R.T.

Check out the video below by Forever Dope Society.