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“A few summer releases for the people”

Over the past few weeks, I have posted a few pictures of the new clothing for K.R.T. on my Instagram. With growing excitement the wait is finally over. I would like to invite all of K.R.T.’s current and future supporters to join K.R.T. as we release the “Vision” collection and Summer “Inspire” series on June 28th from 5pm-9pm at Kembrel on 1822 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, Pa.

Started by UPenn students, Kembrel is an exclusive shopping village for fashion adventurers who desire quality clothing and apparel as well as accessories.

In order to show our appreciation, each guest in attendance will receive 25% off of all Kembrel merchandise. I hope to see you there. – K.R.T.

Music by Dj Mike Lowry

Photography by Ricky Codio and Dominique Nichole.

Videography by Forever Dope Society(FDS)

Refreshments by Orange Line Phila, Victoria Kitchen and Abu The Juiceman.


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“A small visit can have a huge impact”

When we were younger, most schools had what was known as a “Career Day.” This day would consist of professionals coming in to discuss what their occupation was, what went on throughout their day, and the steps that it would take to get there. Of course it was great that they came to speak with the students, but there was a running pattern in regards to their occupations. These people were normally police officers, fire fighters, doctors, teachers and lawyers, which was perfectly fine.

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“Consistency, consistency, consistency” – Dj Aktive 

The young King recently interviewed Philadelphia-based DJ, DJ Aktive. Dj Aktive is currently the tour DJ for Kanye West. Throughout, the years he has worked with Philadelphia R & B artist, Musiq Soulchild, R & B recording artist, Marsha Ambrosius, and others.

DJing is not just about playing everyone’s favorite music, because if that was the case we all could be a DJ. Just like any other craft, there is an artistry behind DJing. This day and age many of the up and coming  DJ’s do not stay true to the original art form of DJing, because of technology progressing and everything becoming more simplified. DJ Aktive on the other hand is a well-rounded DJ who has taken the time to perfect his craft, knowing both how to mix and scratch.

“I taught myself how to mix,” DJ Aktive explains in the video. “As far as scratching I learned that from Jazzy Jeff, Cash Money, and DJ Demo.”

DJ Aktive in the video is sporting one of Kings Rule Together’s “Young King” shirts, and speaks of how he likes the KRT line as a whole, because of its overall message- “Unity.” He explains in the video his style when performing as a DJ, as well as offering advice to up and coming DJ’s.

His closing statement was that with anything that you do, consistency will always remain the key to success and I couldn’t have said that any better myself.

Kings Inspire Kings Video | Dj Aktive from Kings Rule Together on Vimeo.

curran final  pocket

“It’s ok to be a square”

There was a time when I would wear a blazer without a pocket square and thought nothing of it. Maybe because I thought of it as just a handkerchief with no real purpose, or maybe it just reminded me of old men. I never realized how much of an impact this small accessory could make on an outfit, giving it that perfect polish. Every time I see a well dressed man in a suit or blazer, I look to see if he has a pocket square or how he accessorizes his look. Now whenever I wear a blazer of any kind, pocket squares are my go to accessory.

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“putting your heart into your art and breaking limitations”

Kings Rule Together second time collaborating on a product is with the Philadelphia based brand Natrl Born Heart Brkers. Natrl Born Heart Brkers is all about putting your heart into your art and breaking limitations, which is what Kings Rule Together is all about.  I decide to incorporate the popular  “Kings INSPIRE Kings,” and “Queens INSPIRE Kings” Designs into the pins because  I believe in these motto’s wholeheartedly. In an effort to continue sharing these beliefs, Natrl Born Heart Brkers and I decided that another collaboration was the best option.

As you can see from the video, the pins are hand painted and crafted with precision and care. The finished product is a reflection of the heart of both brands, and can be chosen in 4 different styles for Kings and Queens alike. – K.R.T.

The K.R.T. X NBHB collaborative pins can be found HERE.