K.R.T. "Vision" Collection

K.R.T. "Vision" Collection
July 26, 2012 Curran

“Living A King’s Vision”

In order for anything to come into fruition, one must have a sight that is set apart from the rest of the world. As the Kings and Queens that we are, we reached our status by having an understanding, a goal- a Vision. A vision goes far beyond the naked eyes of Kings and Queens, but instead looks ahead to the future. In order to have self control and assurance as a ruler, they must be believable in terms of where they shall lead the people. The people are the epicenter of a King and Queen’s vision.

K.R.T. welcomes you to enjoy the “Vision” collection as Kings and Queens who realize that there are no limitations as to how far that we can go together. Are you willing to open your eyes to the “Vision”?

Living A King’s Vision Tanks & T-shirt available HERE

Living A Queen’s Vision & Visionary T-shirt available HERE   Living A Queen’s Vision Tank Top available HERE  Eye Exam T-shirt and Visionary T-shirt available HERE What do you think about the “Vision”?

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  1. D. Scott 5 years ago

    might have to cop one of those Visionary tees. #Respect

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