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“Women and fashion goes hand in hand”

Since I first introduced (Street Queens) to K.R.T., taking pictures of stylish women is always lots of fun during my travels. For some reason I see more stylish women than men and they are a little more creative with their appearance. I guess you can say it is because they have more options. This being my first time in London for fashion week one thing that I couldn’t help but notice were the various amounts of jackets of all sorts amongst the women in attendance. The weather over London was so tricky, so I saw a little bit of style from every season outside of the Somerset House.

Check out some of the stylish women I was able to captured during LFW. – K.R.T.

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 “International Men’s Fashion”

Being that I only went to NYFW for one day I was excited to attend London Fashion Week s/s 2013. As I still consider myself a new photographer going to fashion week is a great way for me to test my skills. If you miss a shot you miss a great image and no photographer likes missing a great shot. Since this was my first time in London I made sure I paid close attention to the details on every person I encountered. I can honestly say that searching for style is easier when its right in front of your face everywhere you look.

Check out some of the stylish men of London Fashion Week I captured during A King’s Journey to London, England. – K.R.T.

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“Quality, Unique, American” – Connor Dickson 

A key part of a King’s lifestyle are his networking abilities. In my travel’s I had a plethora of opportunities to meet an array of different entrepreneur’s and learn from other brands within the surrounding community. With that being said, it’s extremely important to me that we support local brands that have a good message behind them or a unique standing. One local entrepreneur whom I’ve gained a great respect for is designer Connor Dickson, of Lancaster, PA. → Read more

Bariq Cobbs, Jamel Ransom, Jahream and Myself.The homie Joshua Kissi modeling for Ozwald Boateng show.First time meeting my new London friends La Touché and Martell Campbell but wont be the last(Stay Tuned)Jamel talking to superstar stylist June Ambrose right before she took our picture for her instagram. She’s always showing love. (Past love)Jamel hanging out with our Philadelphia Native photographer Big Rube and New York friend Steven. Mike taking us everywhere. Gotta love New York city subway system.

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“The fashion and music version of The Avengers” 

Five of most influential brands (Chill Moody, Abstract Thought, Beano, Villla and K.R.T.) that are at the forefront of the new renaissance in Philadelphia are all combining our energy and resources to put together to a dope event  titled “Coalition | One” with some of the best, new and up and coming artist and musicians the city has to offer in one place.

First event is October 20th. Each team (five teams) drafts 5 “players” from a pool of DJs, Live Bands, Rappers, Singers, Painters, Graffiti artist etc. Then each team gets 15mins that night to put on the best performance with that team. The winning team gets $1,000.

Check the official announcement video by Spike Jordan below and look for more info on the draft coming up soon. – K.R.T.

The Coalition Introduction from Kings Rule Together on Vimeo.