A King’s Read: Bereolaesque


 “Style transcends far beyond the naked eye.” – Bereolaesque 

To be considered a true gentleman of style one must demonstrate the proper etiquette in both appearance and behavior: knowing how to treat your Queen, what to wear to an event, how to work the room with just your charm… having proper etiquette at any given time, no matter the circumstance. Most men nowadays may not learn this from a father figure, which is why I appreciate my mother for the way she raised me. I can honestly say she taught me how to be a gentleman or, at the least, demonstrated her idea of what she thought it took to raise a young King. Queens really do inspire Kings to better themselves.

However, there are some things a woman just can’t teach a man. These things come from practice, experience, or an exemplary father figure.

Should you be a person needing such assistance or just a friendly 200 page reminder, I highly recommend reading Bereolaesque. As told by the author, Eritan O. Bereola, being bereolaesque is simple, but living a righteous life is just one factor.

BEREOLAESQUE [Be-re-o-la-esk] -adjective: Highly appealing and pleasing to the human senses and mind; captivating; provides pleasure or delight, especially in appearance or manner; charming; alluring; attractive.

Bereola covers many necessities that bring balance to a mans life.  He reinforces the idea that dating, dressing, and the control of one’s physical mannerisms are all an art.  Consider this book a quick refresher, a “Being A Quintessential Gentleman 101,” or as referenced in the subtitle, an etiquette guide to becoming the “contemporary gentleman” and “urban sophisticate.”

Bereola is writing the sequel to his first book entitled, GENTLEWOMAN strictly geared to the Queens. Be on the look out for that release but for now make sure you add his first book into a Kings/Queen book collection HERE. – K.R.T.

Below I have included some pictures and quotes from various chapters in BEREOLAESQUE. Enjoy!


“A gentleman is on time.”


“The contemporary gentleman prefers private pleasures to public swagger, and keeps his personal portfolio privileged. This may be a foreign subject for the flashy, but get used to taking your bank statements off of display. Gentleman, we are privately wealthy!.” 

“The gentleman who can take a compliment with a smile and move on is the gentleman people want to be around.”


“Here lies the key to an extraordinary lifestyle.”


“In all that you do, be subtle yet impactful. From the way you dress to the way you speak, the Bereolaesque man is not loud or boastful. He does not intentionally draw attention to himself, though he cannot help but naturally receive it.”


“Walk gently leaving heavy footsteps.”


” The pocket square (Armstrong & Wilson) is a must have, and one is never enough.”


“He stands out without trying because he realizes that it is not the clothes, possessions, or money that maketh a man; it is the man that maketh the man.”


“Be informed that the toothpick is reserved for the gentleman who is in control of his cool. It is a gentleman’s accessory with natural appeal. Do not force the toothpick—do not force the cool.”


“The Classic Navy Blue: You cannot go wrong with this suit.  Its versatility is a plus. You can wear it to your downtown office or dress it down and casually wear it on a date.”

Photography by Luxury Light Photography 



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