A King’s Theme: The 24 Hour Man


 “A outfit you wear all day that is suitable in all occasion/ every situation”

Long days and even longer nights are common for the average mover & shaker of today.  Most days I leave the house and may not return until the sun is rising. When you are young and eager to take on opportunities there will be times when sleep is the last thing on your mind. Some may call this being a entrepreneur but I call this being a 24 Hour Man.

When leaving the house for the day one must be dressed for a number of occasions that may present themselves. It can be challenging to dress in an ensemble that is multi-functional, stylish and suitable for most ocassions. The 24 Hour Man must push the envelope, not blending in and staying on point throughout the day. Finding the right outfit to carry you through is a skill that the 24 Hour Man must perfect.

 Take a trip through the day of a 24 Hour Man


Men’s Grooming/Fresh cut: Whether you have a classic caesar or a high top fade like me, your hair is a important part of your appearance. Having a clean face gives you that final touch and that extra boost of confidence when you’re always on the go. Men have gathered for not only a haircut, but often for friendly talk about local happenings, this makes the barber a man’s best friend.

train(3)-1Awaiting The Train: Staying occupied is never a concern for the 24 hour man. He stays with magazines and cool tunes to keep him informed and relaxed throughout his day. For example a Japanese mag called “Cool” is not your average type of fashion magazine and is where the 24 hour man gets a lot of his inspiration.


The Business : First impressions are critical in doing business as a fashion stylist, photographer and consultant. It pays to be well presented. The 24 Hour Man’s life revolves around his work and his passion is helping people by making them look and feel like the Kings and Queens they are.


Lunch Date: As a man of taste and class, the 24 Hour Man is a gentleman first. Though he has a very busy schedule, making time for his Queen is a priority and dressing the part shows his utmost respect for her.


The Marketplace: Shopping is a part of the 24 Hour Man’s daily regimen. Whether it is some rare finds at a thrift store, a side walk sale or a local boutique collecting pieces for himself as well as his clients is a job that never ends.


Quality Time:  Role modeling starts at home. Passing down knowledge while having a good time with the next generation is key to the 24 Hour Man’s success. One of his main goals is to plant a foundation that can inspire and revolutionize the world to come.


Among Friends: Going out and socializing with friends keeps the 24 Hour Man balanced with all the his ripping and running. Surround yourself with positive and creative like-minded people and you will never lack inspiration.


A Flight Home: The 24 hour man’s work is also influenced by traveling. Gathering new information from around the world can rejuvenate your mind psychically, mentally and creatively. Staying up to date with other city’s trends is an important aspect in this business and keeping the business relationships that he has built over the years firm is key.


 The 24 hour Man

The 24 Hour Man wardrobe:

  • Blue Blazer/sportcoat: A navy blazer is most versatile option, as it transfers easily from day to night. Does double duty as business and casual wear.
  • Collared Shirt: I chose to spice up the casual blazer with a multi-colored Brooks Brothers button up shirt. It speaks professionalism as well as you can take a joke or two.
  • Dark premium denim: As classic as you can get. I choose my APC casual fit jeans so I can be stylishly pulled together.
  • Brown Shoes: Brown loafers are the king of travel footwear: comfortable, stylishly versatile and a breeze to slip on and off in the security lines. I have on a pair of Polo by Ralph Lauren Wallabees.
  • Carry-All Bag: Any traveling man needs a hold all. Big, bulky luggage has transformed into sleek, stylish carryalls. This vintage Fendi design was inspired by the duffle bag, but its predominantly leather exterior and more refined appearance give a classic look to this practical tote.

Photography by Nik C


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