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“It Takes a Village to raise a Brand”

At Kings Rule Together we have the saying “there is no greater power than the power of unity“. We don’t just say that because it sounds cool but we feel strongly and act in that manner. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the help of many mentors, friends, family and most importantly our supporters who have shaped us.  This is why we take pride in building relationships with quality people who we can gain strength and knowledge from. However, in order to have this unity and bond, everyone involved must identify with their role for a common goal. Our friend Ouigi of The Brooklyn Circus calls this The Global Village.

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“A Game of Giving”

What do you get when you fill a gymnasium floor with countless dodge-balls and Philadelphia’s top entrepreneurs? A head to head battle for your life! Imagine, ducking from lightning speed dodge balls being thrown at your face from every direction. This might sound like an intense game, but it was all for fun and giving to the Nehemiah Davis Foundation.

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“Queens Inspire….”

We’re excited to release the first installment of our ‘Queens Inspire Queens’ collection. We collaborated with author Alex Elle and created an exclusive limited-edition sweatshirt. Letting her writing take us on a journey of life, Alex Elle is a Queen displaying inspiration to women around the world by spreading the message, “You are a queen, so even when they push you don’t take your crown off.” This quote and many others has boosted the confidence of Queens and Kings alike.

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“Through unity and positivity almost all things are possible.” 

#WECULTURE | January 5th, 2013 was a great day in Philadelphia.  Uncool Chuck owner of Righteous Rebel Denim & Apparel united some of Philadelphia’s influential creatives for an iconic and historical portrait in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art that represents the energy and new renaissance taking place in Philadelphia. The building (art) and its steps (iconic to Philadelphia) represent everything that this photo exude.

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The Abstract Kings Of Prussia Pop-Up is what we called it. It started off as a two day event which owners of Abstract Thought Bill and his brother Aaron gave us the opportunity to partake in their month long pop-up shop they had at King of Prussia Mall. From the response of the people we decided to extend it to the last day of 2013. The entire experience was a success and great way to end the year. This was our first take on retail but won’t be our last. Stay tuned for a Kings Rule Together pop-up shop or store coming soon. – K.R.T 

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