While my journey as a new photographer continues, on October 10th, a friend of mine, Adweena Justice asked me to take pictures at a launch party for her line Urbanea.

A graduate from the Art Institute of Philadelphia, majoring in fashion design, Adweena has been dedicated to her line Urbanea since. Although Urbanea currently offers a variety of women’s clothing and acessories, Justice plans to expand to children’s and men’s ready-to-wear lines in the future. Urbanea’s mission is to build self-esteem through clothing and  accessories because “Fashion is not a choice, it’s a lifestyle!!!”

Overall, the event was a success!  Lots of people including her friends and family came to support on a very special day.

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I’m usually known for producing socially conscious networking events and styling. But, I actually started out as an event planner; the creative support behind the promoters and a liaison to the consumers. Well on Saturday, October 9th, my friends and I went back to our roots and threw a party for just pure fun. Being in a city over-saturated with parties, we were still able to capture a crowd of young, talented, successful men and women.  Check out the pics and see for yourself!

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I attended Philadelphia Fashion Week this past week and had an amazing time. I had a press and VIP pass for the main fashion show event  and attended with celebrity stylist Debra Ginyard. The event was high caliber complete with full runway show, free food, drinks and local business vendors. It was great for networking and I had a good time taking pictures of the show-goers and getting photographed myself.

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I never wanted to be a photographer. I noticed myself being too controlling over how I wanted my events to look when different photgraphers would cover an event. I like to cover all aspects of my gatherings; laughter, people posing, candid shots, & just the environment that made that night special. Check out  pictures in future posts from my events & other gatherings that I was able to capture.

After hearing “Do you have a blog/website?” “Where can I find you?”,  I finally stopped directing people to Facebook and started my own blog. I thought it’s domain name should be Kings Rule Together (K.R.T.).  King is a word I often use as a term of endearment for my fellow males. King represents leadership, power and authority. To hear the word King is certainly more uplifting and empowering than the “N” word, we so commonly hear in our culture.  I want to make myself and the people around me better so with that being said, let the Kings Rule!!