“Anybody and anything can be a King or a Queen”.

At Kings Rule Together we notice most of our supporters putting our signature crown stickers on cell phones, laptops and books. We would like to take it a step further by placing our crowns over any person, place or thing that signifies royalty to us. This is also a way to show people what city or area we are in by placing our crowns on top a popular monument or landmark. Check out the rest of our sticker bombs and if you own a sticker show us your crown the next time you are out using #KRTsticker. - K.R.T

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“Word we live by”

We pride ourselves on not only being a positive brand but promoting positivity and making it cool. We started off putting our quotes on clothes now we want to take it a step further by introducing our Kings Rule Together quotes.

Grab one of our signature quotes from our brand. We use these to post on our social media. When you post make sure you tag or at us with #KRTquotes and @KingsRuleTogether. The overall goal is to inspire someone with words. We’ve done our part will you?. – K.R.T

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After noticing a post by the artist Latif’ on Instagram I immediately became intrigued by his work. He mainly creates cartoon remakes of celebs.

Since my first ever cartoon like drawing by artist Ivan Ivassi turning myself into a character has been a interest of mines. I also believe that it is easy to turn me into a cartoon because I have signature features that stand out and are easily recognizable such as my hair, beard, glasses and style. This image here is a creation of me as a cartoon character done by artist Latif, check out some more of his work out on instagram (info below).

Cartoon Artist http://instagram.com/_lateeth

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“The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete”

Kings Rule Together had the amazing opportunity of having two of our pieces worn in the movie “The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete”.  Actor Julito McCullum best known for his role Namond Brice in the HBO hit series “The Wire” was wearing our black ” Livings A King’s Vision” tank top and a extra was seen wearing our “unity” queen shirt.

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” The Garcia family loves K.R.T”

Being that we are a Philadelphia based brand we always like to show love and support to our local celebrities. For a long time in Philadelphia we only had Bernard Hopkins representing us in the boxing world but now we have Danny “Swift” Garcia to take the throne as the new King of boxing. Not only for Philly but the world with a undefeated record of (25-0-16kos).

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