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“Something so effortless and refined”

Initially when looking for something fashionable to wear, often I would overlook the turtleneck . Over the years peoples perception of the “turtleneck” was altered due to years of brands only targeting the more mature crowd such as; grandfathers, grandmother etc, thus the turtleneck has evolved into a “must have” for the fashion innovator. As traditional Americana circumvented back into the mainstream fashion industry, this created an outlet for the turtleneck to be reintroduced.

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“Quality, Unique, American” – Connor Dickson 

A key part of a King’s lifestyle are his networking abilities. In my travel’s I had a plethora of opportunities to meet an array of different entrepreneur’s and learn from other brands within the surrounding community. With that being said, it’s extremely important to me that we support local brands that have a good message behind them or a unique standing. One local entrepreneur whom I’ve gained a great respect for is designer Connor Dickson, of Lancaster, PA. → Read more

curran final  pocket

“It’s ok to be a square”

There was a time when I would wear a blazer without a pocket square and thought nothing of it. Maybe because I thought of it as just a handkerchief with no real purpose, or maybe it just reminded me of old men. I never realized how much of an impact this small accessory could make on an outfit, giving it that perfect polish. Every time I see a well dressed man in a suit or blazer, I look to see if he has a pocket square or how he accessorizes his look. Now whenever I wear a blazer of any kind, pocket squares are my go to accessory.

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“Blending in while standing out” – Young King 

I chose the army fatigue cargo pant as an “essential” simply because of it’s versatility and standard. This may also be the reason why this pattern is being used now more than ever in the fashion industry.  People  are starting to realize that fatigue is the new black, offering a  unique pop when needed. While at the same time providing a neutral balance to pop color.  This trend has influenced  many brands to produce merchandise such as boots, shoes, bags, ties or  anything they can think of, with this disruptive pattern material.

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slippers 2“Lets slip into something a little more comfortable.”

When thinking of men’s shoes what comes to mind? Maybe a wingtip, oxford, loafer or even a moccasin. Well a stylish alternative for men that has been hitting the streets, the nightlife and even the runway lately are men’s slippers. Not just any old slipper but hard-soled, velvet, fabric, embroidered, heeled slippers. Being able to rock a bedroom staple outside of its normality mixes up the variety of casual menswear whether it be dressing it up or down. The velvet slipper originated and gained popularity in 1840 with Prince Albert and are known as “The Albert Slipper” which gives them an opulent image.  → Read more