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“Kings in Germany”

Recently I had the opportunity to travel to Schuttoff, Germany with a great friend of mine, singer/songwriter Corey Latif Williams. Some may not know but he was the first person who opened my eyes to using the word “King”. He explained why he used it and its empowerment to others by calling each other something with a greater meaning. Latif and myself became real close over the past years which I have been able to travel with him on many different occasions and styling him for all his endeavors. Luckily this time it was in a new country.

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A Kings Journey: London, England from Kings Rule Together on Vimeo.

During my first time in the great city of London, I stayed with my camera around my neck documenting my travels. Not actually knowing or having an idea of why direction this footage may lead me to, I was determined to know how I would be able to turn all this video footage into an actual video.

With the vision of videographer Julian Willingham he helped bring “A Kings Journey” to life. In this video It shows how i was able to capture a little taste of the great people, scenery  and the journey of a Young King and friends in my new favorite city. – K.R.T

“Best time to be in Miami” When most ppl here about visiting the city of Miami the first things that comes to mind is vacationing in amazing weather surrounded by palm trees,  and beautiful ppl.  At least this was all I knew it for before about early this year when someone had mention Art Basel to me. true but Art Basel.

 “It’s not the destination it’s the Journey” 

Visiting the great city of London, England was always a dream/goal of mine.  I didn’t know how soon it would be nor that I would be there with two of my closest friends Shaheed and Nehemiah. My main reason for going was to experience London Fashion week first hand. Although I would be going for the last two days It was a something I wanted to partake in. Needless to say I didn’t want to come back.

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