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A King's Wardrobe South Beach Picnik collage

“Smilest: noun; a person who brings positive energy with their smile.”

For this trip I allowed the tranquil background to set the mood for my wardrobe. Bringing out the floral print which has been long over due, letting sand run through my canvas sneakers and hearing waves crash before me was my idea of paradise. Pairing that with a bright smile and a bright outfit brings inner peace. -K.R.T.

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Sub-Urban: n; A sub-culture to the typical Urban market that gives cutting edge style to suburban influenced apparel.

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“Three times the fun”

Some take the winter season lightly and only get dressed in the summertime, however the true mark of a stylish person is one whose style transcends seasons and elements. Having a solid foundation and building upon it with layering is key to surviving winter with a stylish facade. - K.R.T.

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Cosmopolitan (adj): cos·mo·pol·i·tan: A city/place or person that embraces its multicultural demographics.

Being A gentleman of style, the blending of the eras is always close to home. Having a Jacket on that was originally constructed in the 50s & incorporating it with modern day garments showcases individuality as well as effortless style. From the 1960s to now It gives respects to the past as well as what the future represents.- K.R.T.

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