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”custom furnishings helps support retail”

Retail has evolved into more then just the type of fabrics, prints and cuts a person is wearing. The consumer and the buyer are now paying more attention to the overall concept and the details of a stores environment.  Whether it be where the clothes are being hung, the front widow display, where you are able to lounge while in someones store etc.

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“It Takes a Village to raise a Brand”

At Kings Rule Together we have the saying “there is no greater power than the power of unity“. We don’t just say that because it sounds cool but we feel strongly and act in that manner. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the help of many mentors, friends, family and most importantly our supporters who have shaped us.  This is why we take pride in building relationships with quality people who we can gain strength and knowledge from. However, in order to have this unity and bond, everyone involved must identify with their role for a common goal. Our friend Ouigi of The Brooklyn Circus calls this The Global Village.

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“Anybody and anything can be a King or a Queen”.

At Kings Rule Together we notice most of our supporters putting our signature crown stickers on cell phones, laptops and books. We would like to take it a step further by placing our crowns over any person, place or thing that signifies royalty to us. This is also a way to show people what city or area we are in by placing our crowns on top a popular monument or landmark. Check out the rest of our sticker bombs and if you own a sticker show us your crown the next time you are out using #KRTsticker. - K.R.T

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“Word we live by”

We pride ourselves on not only being a positive brand but promoting positivity and making it cool. We started off putting our quotes on clothes now we want to take it a step further by introducing our Kings Rule Together quotes.

Grab one of our signature quotes from our brand. We use these to post on our social media. When you post make sure you tag or at us with #KRTquotes and @KingsRuleTogether. The overall goal is to inspire someone with words. We’ve done our part will you?. – K.R.T

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After noticing a post by the artist Latif’ on Instagram I immediately became intrigued by his work. He mainly creates cartoon remakes of celebs.

Since my first ever cartoon like drawing by artist Ivan Ivassi turning myself into a character has been a interest of mines. I also believe that it is easy to turn me into a cartoon because I have signature features that stand out and are easily recognizable such as my hair, beard, glasses and style. This image here is a creation of me as a cartoon character done by artist Latif, check out some more of his work out on instagram (info below).

Cartoon Artist

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