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Arts, Beats & Eats is a monthly networking event that is a platform to showcase up & coming fashion designers, artists & debut an array of influential business owners, as well as foster the creation & establishment of meaningful and lasting partnerships.

Vendors to look forward to this Sunday include Babycakes CoutureMijourne Fashion and MarketingOrange Line, 10th st OpticalConcrete RoseBlue Babe Foundation,  The Maryanns~daughter Muff Collection and American Dreaming Magazine

Find out about this month’s theme and charitable initiative and get event info for this Sunday’s Arts, Beats & Eats

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Style isn’t limited to apparel, it can be applied to your everyday lifestyle. Having an artistic eye can land you jobs internationally in many fields of work; starting from the canvas, to fashion & even sports. MakerUSA is a collective of talented individuals committed to creating lifestyle products that symbolize the American landscape. Their team is dedicated to creating lifestyle sport products with respect and in relation to diverse, natural landscapes. MakersUSA is collaborating with pioneering local and internationally recognized artists in painting, drawing, graphic design, street art and tattoo artistry. Local artist Hamid Holloman of Mese design studios is a featured artist who has designed a series of skate boards for Ric Allison, who owns MakersUSA.

Check out the skateboards designs from Hamid Holloman

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What better way to kick off 2011 then with our Arts, Beats & Eats “Shoe drive”. All the shoes we collected were donated to multipe organizations including Leeway Foundation, Salvation Army & shelters in the local area. Each month the quality of the event grows through word of mouth and the relationships that people have built from previous events. I can honestly say I have met so many new and goal-oriented people since we (myself, Shaheed and Gianni) started this event in May and I am looking forward to seeing it grow in the future.

Special thanks to the vendors: Mijourne Jewelry, Urbanea, Shestayfabulous Shoes, MissFit Vintage, Chill Moody & Spirit of Tranquility.

Special thanks to the artist Iye Yinde

Next Arts, Beats & Eats will be Feb 6th, 2011 and will be the  “Black History Month” SuperBowl edition

Check out photos from this past Arts, Beats and Eats

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Arts, Beats and Eats is a monthly networking event that I throw in conjunction with my homies Shaheed Rucker and Gianni Lee of Bablyon Cartel. It is a event for entrepreneurs and positive people throughout Philly complete with vendors, spoken word artists, food and wine. Each installment is dedicated to a cause or charity. Here are pictures from the last months event in which patrons donated canned goods to a local shelter.

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