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“Past creation can inspire new ideas”. -K.R.T.

K.R.T. introduces its second collection Pre Spring 2013 titled “Abstract” which was inspired by an innovative artist of the late 19th century by the name of  Piet Mondrian.  A Dutch born artist Piet became an important contributor to the De Stijl art movement best known for his non-representational form termed Neo-Plasticism.

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The Love Story from Derrick Woodyard on Vimeo.

Five of the most influential brands (Chill Moody, Billy Abstract (Abstract Thought), BeanoVilla and Curran J of K.R.T.) are at the forefront of the new renaissance in Philadelphia. We are combining our energy and resources to put together dope events, projects and overall opportunities of Philadelphia’s finest artist.

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“Best time to be in Miami” When most ppl here about visiting the city of Miami the first things that comes to mind is vacationing in amazing weather surrounded by palm trees,  and beautiful ppl.  At least this was all I knew it for before about early this year when someone had mention Art Basel to me. true but Art Basel.

“Black is Beautiful 5″  

Black Is Beautiful V is an evolving event held on Black Friday in the city of  Philadelphia, Pa.  Black Is Beautiful first began in 2007  as an event for young college students who would be home for the fall break . Since then the event has attracted young professionals, entrepreneurs, artists and athletes nationwide.

This year we have reached out to local artists (Ivben Taqiy, Eazy Sumrz of NBHB and S.W.A.G. Sharp with Art Group) from the Tri-State area to display their art on the event’s main stage. In addition to adding an art exhibit, we reserved a private location for our supporters to enjoy a night at a secluded location. The location to this ticket only event, will be disclosed only to those who purchase a ticket. The count on tickets are limited to ensure a safe and comfortable atmosphere.

This event includes an open buffet and requires you to have semi-formal attire. Music will be provided by none other than Dj Ricochet.

We look forward to sharing this experience with you as we seek to enhance this annual tradition. – K.R.T.

For tickets follow the event organizers here ——> @Change_Makers @_Curtisbryant  and myself @Curran_J