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“The Best of Philadelphia”

I can remember a few years back reading the Philadelphia Magazine in the barbershop saying I need to be in this magazine. I always considered myself as a fashion maven residing in the area so I knew that one day a kings dream would come true. Now 3 years later I had the pleasure of being featured in the March 2013 issue for  fashion highlighting “20 best dressed Philadelphian’s”. It was a honor to be recognized in such a notable level amongst many other fashionable people in the city of Philadelphia. As fashion is something I breathe, to be labeled as this in the city that I was born and raised in and carry it on my back everywhere I go is an honor and truly an amazing feeling.

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“He’s (Pharrell) a King and I’m inspired by him… Kings inspire Kings.” – Curran J

Back in December I had the opportunity to be apart of a video for Pharrell Williams for an innovative movement called i am OTHER. As explained by Pharrell “i am OTHER is a cultural movement dedicated to Thinkers, Innovators and Outcasts.” Here is a behind the scenes look at the i am OTHER video. Director, Justin Francis, explained the videos concept, which was a loose parody of the extraterrestrial and science fiction films of the 20th century (more than likely “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”).

The overall message was that it was time for those who are creative, different, and socially outside of what is considered to be normal to step outside of their comfort zones and just be who they are. Pharrell as well as his  artists Buddy, Maxine Ashley, and Leah LaBelle gave cameos and spoke of the project.

Check out the video below. You can see the young King at the 34 second mark and even speaking of my experience during the filming of the project at 2:10. mark. – K.R.T.

“When you consider yourself a King you must make sure the people that are around you are happy.” – Young King

Essence magazine offers an online publication that caters to the wants and needs of all their readers. When I first started K.R.T., I did not know what it would bring but I was fortunate to have features on online publications, with Essence being one of many. My various features with Essence in the past were usually solo spotlights and very spontaneous. This time was very different, there was a game plan and I was asked to bring some friends along.

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This past January I did a photo shoot for The Source Magazine called Jocks meets Jocks which I styled Andre Iguodala from the Philadelphia 76ers. The shoot included radio personality Kendra G  of 100.3 The Beat. Both are good representations on the court & the airwaves for the city of Philadelphia. The video was shot & directed by Yahya Ismail.

Make sure you go out and buy the April issue of the source to see my first editorial in a magazine.

This past Wednesday I had the honor to be featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer on the front page and the cover of the Style section.  After meeting Philadelphia fashion writer Elizabeth Wellington at an event, I was invited to participate in a shoot for her next column: The Fashion Nerd. Playing off of my style, the Fashion Nerd is a breed of stylish men who enjoy vintage clothing and harking back to the days of gentlemanly dressing. The entire experience happened quickly and was so surreal and I would like to thank Elizabeth and the Philadelphia Inquirer for allowing me this amazing opportunity.

Many people ask me how do I get most of my press coverage. I think it’s a combination of networking and showcasing one’s personality. By going to different events and being myself, I display my unique style and follow up on every chance encounter. By putting yourself out there you will be surprised at the opportunities that come back to you. K.R.T.