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“For one night only the king will be taking over the big Apple”

I will be hosting a panel entitled “Dukes Inspire Kings” presented by HyLo Boutiques on March 8th, from 8 to 10pm  at the Apple Store on Walnut Street Philadelphia, Pa. Along with Sean Olubodun, founder of Duke & Winston we will be discussing how technology has played a significant role in the building of our brands within today’s ever evolving fashion industry. Both moguls will chat on our rise, struggle, and leads into successful branding opportunities. This is one fashion forward event you won’t want to forgo!

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“Some of the most stylish men from all over the globe”

I’m always looking for stylish people to shoot on the street, some areas are more abundant with style then others. There have been days when I went out looking for people to shoot and didn’t find anybody. So when the opportunity presented itself after my interview with Marcus Troy “hint” it was much appreciated due to the fact that some of the most stylish people in the world were in one place. Check out these cool guys I had the pleasure of photographing at Project Las Vegas.- K.R.T.

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 “Sight means education and opportunity” – Toms

I get this question every day, “Are those prescription glasses or are they just for fun.”  This initiative from Toms Eyewear is very dear to me. I realized how  important my vision is to my craft and rarely do I think about how many people dont have the means to correct their vision . So my answer is, yes these are prescription. – K.R.T.

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“I spent an hour in Project Wooster, that should explain a lot”

Many may know Nick Wooster as the stylish man blazing the streets with his defined look being constantly photographed by renowned photographers such as The Sartorialist or even Karl Guerre. His all american masculine look has made him into a men fashion icon. Many may know of that but most may not know his contribution to the fashion industry in a whole.

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“Come out and enjoy the Super Bowl with the Arts, Beats and Eats family”

Arts, Beats & Eats is a monthly networking mixer in the city of Philadelphia that contributes to the wellbeing of society, through health initiatives and community service efforts.  Shaheed RuckerGianni Lee and I have been implementing this event since May 2010. It has grown stupendously in the Tri-state area as one of the must highly attended networking events for the young creative entrepreneurs. We have teamed up with Lauren Tilghman and Danielle Jeter to help further pursue our Arts, Beats and Eats goal into 2012.

Arts, Beats & Eats is an event where individuals can grow both personally and professionally. Monthly themes focus on “giving back” through toy, book, clothing and food drives. Other themes have focused on educating our guests on health, political and social ills that plague our community. Our event allows individuals to enjoy live art, spoken word, and fine music while shopping from different local vendors.

This month’s theme is our “Black History Month Super Bowl Edition.”  Come celebrate unsung African American Historians that contributed to African American History through the sport of football.

Live Artist: Tone Casso of S.W.A.G. (Sharp with Art Group)

Wear a Football jersey of an African American player and get a discounted entry! Regular admission is $15.

The event takes place at the Towers at Wyncote (Primo Bacio Ristorante) 8460 Limekiln Pike from 7pm-11pm.