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K.R.T. Hoodie Collection Premiere from Kings Rule Together on Vimeo.

“The K.R.T. Hoodie collection”

I recently did a look book for my K.R.T. hoodie collection with photographer Ricky Codio that will be available shortly. I asked my good friend Derrick Woodyard who shot my video, Behind the King: A King’s Journey to tape the experience.  The shoot was filmed at Search and Rescue headquarters, a multi-functional space curated by Coach Gaines and Kenya Abdul-Hadi, that serves as a fashion workshop and showroom for installations.

In this video you will see the collection of 6 K.R.T. hoodies I released for the men since starting my clothing brand in July of 2011, along with the new Limited Edition “Floral” Queen hoodies which will be available soon. Take a look at the video and stay tuned for more to come from Kings Rule Together. -K.R.T.

Special Thanks to the models in the video: Cody Kahmar, Yasin Nahl, Basil Williams & the leading lady Melanie White.

 “When blending in goes right”

The Limited Edition King hoodie is back but with a new twist. I decided to incorporate my popular design with a very trendy but relevant pattern; Army fatigue. The best part about this design is that it can be worn in numerous ways not including army fatigue cargos. Your choices are my favorite which is why i chose the colors Salmon and Black. Which ever color you choose you will be one of the first and last with this limited edition item. The new design is only available to a few Kings in this world, get yours while they’re still in stock!  – K.R.T.

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“Find your angle, find your voice and exploit that. Dont just come out with the same stuff, because then your just one of many.” – Donwan Harrell

I was fortunate to have an intimate conversation with a Denim Icon.  His famous brands need no introduction, if you’ve been on the urban fashion scene. But as a refresher, Donwan Herrell is the founder of legendary clothing lines such as Akademiks and is currently the founder and designer of PRPS. I chose to interview Mr. Herrell because he is a true inspiration and fits the definition of a King.

His story was intriguing to me because of his independent existence in the market place.  He is one who is at the forefront of his ideas and dosen’t lag behind the trends or connects himself to a particular movement.  He is just himself. – K.R.T.

Check out my Q & A with Donwan Herrell of PRPS

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“Kings Ruling together” – Young King

I recently teamed up with a great friend of mine Michael Reynolds, to do a style project for Osrick Ingredients Cricket. Osrick Ingredients Cricket is a menswear line that offers cutting edge men’s cricket inspired clothing, such as t-shirts, knit vests, cricket pique shirts, cricket sport coats, Oxford shirts, trousers, and other sport inspired apparel products.

The video was shot by Juan Ortiz of Redd Pen Media, it captures behind the scenes footage from the shoot. I love what I do and this day was no different, it was filled with a lot of hard work and excitement. I styled along side with Rodney Jon (MUA), Vincent sawyer (His Exclusively) and Pixtions (Photography). Check out the video. – K.R.T.

“Some of the most stylish men from all over the globe”

I’m always looking for stylish people to shoot on the street, some areas are more abundant with style then others. There have been days when I went out looking for people to shoot and didn’t find anybody. So when the opportunity presented itself after my interview with Marcus Troy “hint” it was much appreciated due to the fact that some of the most stylish people in the world were in one place. Check out these cool guys I had the pleasure of photographing at Project Las Vegas.- K.R.T.

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