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“ loves the Young King”

Its always an honor to be photographed by Tommy Ton for This was my fourth time being on the top men’s fashion site. This time I was next to a fellow blogger friend Steven of ostentationandstyle. I really like how we look cohesive but with two different type of styles. Check out more Street Style shots on GQ HERE. – K.R.T.

 “Sight means education and opportunity” – Toms

I get this question every day, “Are those prescription glasses or are they just for fun.”  This initiative from Toms Eyewear is very dear to me. I realized how  important my vision is to my craft and rarely do I think about how many people dont have the means to correct their vision . So my answer is, yes these are prescription. – K.R.T.

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“I spent an hour in Project Wooster, that should explain a lot”

Many may know Nick Wooster as the stylish man blazing the streets with his defined look being constantly photographed by renowned photographers such as The Sartorialist or even Karl Guerre. His all american masculine look has made him into a men fashion icon. Many may know of that but most may not know his contribution to the fashion industry in a whole.

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“Fur Trend for fall/winter”

Now that I am paying more attention to women’s fashion, I couldn’t help but notice the amount of fur being worn during my time at Fashion Week. While some say “fashion is pain,” these women kept warm while looking cool in the harsh New York City weather.  The most amazing thing about seeing this trend so often during my visit, was that it wasn’t overwhelming– as most trends can be. Each person expressed themselves individually, making  fur look more like a wardrobe staple than a trend. – K.R.T.

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“Something so small can make a big difference” 

Day two of New York Fashion week I focused more on the details of menswear. If you pay attention to each one of the shots I captured, you will see its not always about the entire ensemble but the little elements you bring fourth to make a complete outfit. Check out more Photos after the jump. – K.R.T.

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