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“Best time to be in Miami” When most ppl here about visiting the city of Miami the first things that comes to mind is vacationing in amazing weather surrounded by palm trees,  and beautiful ppl.  At least this was all I knew it for before about early this year when someone had mention Art Basel to me. true but Art Basel.


 “Young King Bow Wow”

One of Kings Rule Together supporters Bow Wow was recently seen wearing K.R.T. Apparel on more than one occasion. The picture above shows the entertainer at work hosting the B.E.T. hit series 106 and Park wearing our “Young King” hoodie in red.

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 “It’s not the destination it’s the Journey” 

Visiting the great city of London, England was always a dream/goal of mine.  I didn’t know how soon it would be nor that I would be there with two of my closest friends Shaheed and Nehemiah. My main reason for going was to experience London Fashion week first hand. Although I would be going for the last two days It was a something I wanted to partake in. Needless to say I didn’t want to come back.

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“Men of style”

I was really intrigued to see how different the style was on the everyday people of the city. I don’t think I can judge much off of the five days I was there, but it reminds me a lot of New York City. You can’t really tell who is a native or who’s a visitor, it’s like a melting pot of various countries and ethnicity’s. I’m sure this plays a role in why London has such a diverse fashion scene. All in all I found great inspiration in the men of the city because we all had something in common. “Style” – K.R.T.

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 “Real style, Real people”

During my trip to London I noticed a lot of stylish women in various areas from oxford circus, brick lane, Carnaby st, Dover street market etc. Although these women were not apart of London Fashion Week they all seemed to just naturally have style. I know the feeling when  you just walk out of the house dressed for yourself and some random person asks you to take a picture on the street. That means your doing something right. Needless to say every aspect of London has style. – K.R.T.

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