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“A passionate city for basketball with style” 

I recently had the opportunity and pleasure of visiting the beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. Not knowing how beautiful it was until my visit,  the one commodity  that  I knew of was the NBA basketball team The Utah Jazz. With the breath-taking scenery with every turn of the head, the carefully thought through layout of the architecture, as well as the population of 181,743 of those who resided there was a sight to see. As beautiful as the city was my focus was to figure out if this city had any sense of style. I wouldn’t say the entire city did, but the few that did possess some sort of style  stood out from the rest.

Despite me getting getting turned down from taking pictures of people half of the time (which may be due to the fact that they aren’t used to random people taking their pictures), nonetheless I was able to find a few diamonds in the rough. You be the judge and let me know what you think about this city’s sense of fashion from my view point. – K.R.T.

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“Kings Rule Together New Online Store Launch” 

Clothing lines, photographers, hipsters, the fashion foes brands alike gathered to show support to one movement two weeks ago,  Kings Rule Together. On April 27, 2012 held the much anticipated launch of my new online store. During the K.R.T Online Store Launch, people quickly trickled in and taking in the scenery at The Gallery Exquisite ( 1040 N. American St, Northern Liberties) .

Upon one’s arrival it was hard to ignore the K.R.T. inspired paintings hanging on the walls by the artists Ivben Taqiy, Ibn Anderson, Bariq Cobbs and Ozlo. There was even a painting made in the likeness of myself. K.R.T  released 4 new products – all now available on the new online store, which were displayed on an installation piece created by Search and Rescue.

People shared laughs over hor d’oeuvres and cupcakes designed in the likeness of K.R.T’s signature crowns. by the mights end multiple prizes had been raffled off including two designer watches from BlumLux and few new item from the clothing line. K.RT. ‘s  first twenty-five guests who arrived that evening, received discounts on all apparel on the new online store. Custom INSPIRE t-shirts were available on site, where guests got to choose the colors of their shirt from OKG designs.

Dj Mike Lowry was on the 1s and 2s for the night, whereas photography was provided by Ricky Codio and Dominique Nichole.  Videography was in full effect by Derrick Woodyard & Forever Dope Society(FDS).

The night ended on the best possible note with every guest leaving satisfied, emulating the king or queen they truly are. – K.R.T.

Video below is shot and directed by videographer Derrick Woodyard.

This video below by Forever Dope Society(FDS) captures the event from beginning to the end.

Check out the photos form the event HERE

 “The little black tank”

Every woman has a “little black dress” in her closet. Now KRT  introduce’s the “Little Black Tank,” its truly an essential in every Queen’s wardrobe. Purchase your’s HERE. – K.R.T.

“K.R.T. first collaboration” 

Only in Philadelphia can a Duke inspire a King. Recently, Kings Rule Together (K.R.T.) completed our first collaboration t-shirt with noted hipster brand Duke & Winston. This collabo itself was inspired by  D & W’s owner Seun Olubosum and  myself after our first partnered event at the Philadelphia Apple store in mid March.  The event “Kings Inspire Dukes,” sponsored by Hylo Boutiques focused on  the beneficial roles that technology and social media play in brand-building in today’s fast-paced retail market.

This exclusive edition tee is now available for a limited time on the K.R.T. online store, get yours before its gone! HERE

Check out the video Below.

Dukes Inspire Kings T-shirt Release Video from Kings Rule Together on Vimeo.

Photography by Ricky Codio

Videography by Derrick Woodyard

“There is something special about Japanese Fashion”

This video just gives you a taste of what I experienced during my Las Vegas trip for PROJECT. It was truly an inspiring workshop, the above Vimeo clip describes the innovative backgrounds of Japanese fashion that was being featured in the Project Wooster section curated by Men’s fashion icon Nickelson Wooster.

The folling people are featured in this video.

Jim Moore (GQ) Todd Snyder (TODD SNYDER) Ryan (PARABELLUM) Jeremiah Mandel (ALOHA RAG) Tokihito Yoshida (TO-KI-TO)