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 “Even the weak become strong when they are united.” – Friedrich Schiller 

The K.R.T. Unity t-shirt was designed to promote a undivided group of men at their peek, by showing style and character as they work together while maintain their King structure. You can now purchase this item in both Black and heather gray HERE – K.R.T.

“Its not a competition, just apart of the everyday lifestyle”

Arts, Beats and Eats is an event that is designed to bring out the best in its attendees from choices of music, conversation and even style. Promoting uniqueness and individuality, every first Sunday I scope the room looking for the guy that deserves the Arts, Beats and Eats Best Dressed Spotlight.

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“Three times a charm”

This past Friday host of B.E.T.’s 106 and Park Terrance J was wearing the K.R.T. Limited edition black “Fatigue” hoodie on their popular freestyle Friday segment. This is now his third time he has been seen wearing the brand thanks to stylist Kwasi Kessi. He styled the hoodie with the Air Jordan IX “Olives” which are not due to be released until 11/2012. You can purchase this item for a short time period HERE. – K.R.T.

 One of the guest on the show was west coast “Bay” area ambassador E 40

(Picture) I had the pleasure of watching the show live. This was my first time at 106 and Park and I didn’t want to be in the crowd so they let me watch from the v.i.p. section which isn’t really v.i.p. because i had to stand the entire time. Nonetheless It was an awesome experience.

 “The Young King Jaden Smith”

Young 13 year old superstar Jaden Smith (Son of Philadelphia native Will Smith) recently took a picture wearing the Limited Edition salmon K.R.T. King hoodie. Looks as though he was impressed and took a picture in his trailer which he is currently shooting a new film with his father  called ” After Earth” and decided to share it with his millions of fans by sharing his new hoodie on Instagram. Maybe Jaden could be the spoke person for my K.R.T. Kids line coming soon, stay tune! – K.R.T.

You can purchase this hoodie HERE

Had the pleasure of meeting the Young King Jaden Smith at the mid party for After Earth at the trust building here in Philadelphia the other night. S/O to the Actor Todd Anthony (Far Left). – K.R.T.

“Own one before its too late”

Highly anticipated and long over due the wait is finally over… well sort of! The Limited Edition Floral “Queen” Hoodie has been in HIGH demand since the release of the Limited Edition Floral “King” hoodie, and is NOW available for Pre-Order! This V-Neck hoodie will be available in two colors; Black and Wildberry and range from a size small to a extra large. – K.R.T.

Pre-order HERE

Special Thanks to the model DJ JoviBaby.