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On Saturday June 1,2013 in Mt. Trashmore, Virginia we had the pleasure to be part of a historical movement. Eight months of planning and a life-long dream culminated in one afternoon for Rob Hill Sr. With a crowd of over 1,000 supporters cheering behind him, Hill cut the ribbon and commenced his first ever “Thousand Kings Walk.”

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“Kings Inspire Harvard Law School “

For the first time since its existence, the prestigious Harvard law school was a long awaited participant of the 39th annual regional law school basketball tournament, held on March 9 – 10,2013 at the western New England law school in Springfield , Massachusetts.  Harvard law school and K.R.T recently joined forces and collaborated for the optimum experience.

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“Kings Inspire King James” 

All Star Weekend was hosted this year in Houston, Texas. We were super pumped when we found out that arguably the best basketball player on the planet LeBron James of the Miami Heat had worn our K.R.T x NBHB “Kings Inspire Kings” collaboration pin, front row at the 2013 NBA  Slam Dunk contest.

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In honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, this past January 21st K.R.T gave back. The young King and Founder Curran J, along with other various alumni of Germantown High School join together in helping to revitalize the school. K.R.T’s good acts included painting lockers and cleaning hallways of the aging campus. → Read more


 “Style transcends far beyond the naked eye.” – Bereolaesque 

To be considered a true gentleman of style one must demonstrate the proper etiquette in both appearance and behavior: knowing how to treat your Queen, what to wear to an event, how to work the room with just your charm… having proper etiquette at any given time, no matter the circumstance. Most men nowadays may not learn this from a father figure, which is why I appreciate my mother for the way she raised me. I can honestly say she taught me how to be a gentleman or, at the least, demonstrated her idea of what she thought it took to raise a young King. Queens really do inspire Kings to better themselves.

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