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Recently Julito McCullum, best known for his role Namond Brice starring in the HBO’s hit series the wire was spotted on set on a new movie being film in Brooklyn with Sparkle actor Jordin Sparks wearing the new K.R.T. “Living A King’s Vision” tank in black available HERE. The movie is called “The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete” .

This directed by George Tillman Jr (Soul Food and Men of Honor) and produced by Alicia Keys. It tells the story of two inner city kids who are forced to protect themselves over the summer after their mother was taken away by authorities.

Jordin Retweeted Julito’s picture, Whoo good work today!! RT @IamJulito @JordinSparks & I Shooting “The Inevitable Defeat Of Mister and Pete”! (picture shown above)

Special shout out to the stylist for the movie Charlese Antoinette. – K.R.T.

“Queens Inspire Kings Video series”

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Marsha Ambrosius while vending at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia. Not too long after, I was able to speak with Ambrosius about her life and her music for my first Queens Inspire Kings interview series.

She is first remembered for being a member of the music duo Floetry. With her sultry sound, powerful vocals and gifted writing ability, it was only a matter of time before she went into solo recording. Hailing from England she currently resides in Philadelphia.

Marsha was nominated for a Grammy  for “Best R and B Song”.  Despite the nomination, Ambrosius  explains that she does not write or record songs as what she feels will win her an award or what will give air play. Ambrosius goes into detail about the creative process behind creating her music.

When I asked about her move from Liverpool, England to Philadelphia she explained that she visited Philadelphia, because someone bought her a ticket. Not too long after leaving for a short period of time she fell in love with it.

Ambrosius describes the surrealism of writing “Butterflies”, a come back song for the pop legend Michael Jackson, but also explains the intended purpose for writing the song. Originally the song was not written for Jackson, but actually was a confessional she wrote it about a man that she had a crush on in London. Upon her arrival to Philadelphia a demo was recorded. Along with “Butterflies”, “Say Yes” which was recorded by Floetry was also on the demo. Out of the few songs that were on the demo Jackson chose “Butterflies”.

Having this time to be able to speak with the Queen Marsha Ambrosius was definitely a humbling experience. Check out the video.

Video by Julian of Forever Dope Society.

“Living A King’s Vision” 

On Thursday, June 28, the young King had a release event at Kembrel for my latest K.R.T. collections- the “Vision” collection and “Inspire” summer series edition.

The purpose of the event was to let the people see through the eyes of a King, because I wanted for my vision to become clearer.  A few weeks before the event, K.R.T. supporters anxiously awaited the arrival of my new shirts since I posted a picture of at least one of the shirts on Instagram.

From start to finish of the event, people came to purchase K.R.T. merchandise and enjoy the company of other K.R.T. supporters. The guests arrived looking their absolute best, while showcasing their style. Sounds were provided by DJ Mike Lowry, who was able to capture the moment by playing the soulful yet unforgettable songs of the nineties and then crossed over to some of the newer music of this current generation. Live models, Karon Byers and Sylvia Ardente,  stood in the windows of Kembrel sporting the “Living a King’s/Queen’s Vision” shirts. The guests that came enjoyed the culinary styles and tastes of Victoria’s Kitchen along side some natural fresh juice from Abu The Juiceman. While the guests were satisfied by their K.R.T. purchases, their taste buds and stomachs also were also in delight.Photographers, Ricky Codio, Dominique Nichole, as well as videographer, Julian Willingham from Forever Dope Society (FDS) were able to capture every moment.

The wonderful part about the night was that there was practically a smile on every face at Kembrel, because they knew that they were apart of my vision. The night ended on a note that make me feel proud and assured that we were all living the vision. – K.R.T.

K.R.T. Vision Collection Release at Kembrel from Kings Rule Together on Vimeo.

Check the pictures from the event here 

“A few summer releases for the people”

Over the past few weeks, I have posted a few pictures of the new clothing for K.R.T. on my Instagram. With growing excitement the wait is finally over. I would like to invite all of K.R.T.’s current and future supporters to join K.R.T. as we release the “Vision” collection and Summer “Inspire” series on June 28th from 5pm-9pm at Kembrel on 1822 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, Pa.

Started by UPenn students, Kembrel is an exclusive shopping village for fashion adventurers who desire quality clothing and apparel as well as accessories.

In order to show our appreciation, each guest in attendance will receive 25% off of all Kembrel merchandise. I hope to see you there. – K.R.T.

Music by Dj Mike Lowry

Photography by Ricky Codio and Dominique Nichole.

Videography by Forever Dope Society(FDS)

Refreshments by Orange Line Phila, Victoria Kitchen and Abu The Juiceman.


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“Consistency, consistency, consistency” – Dj Aktive 

The young King recently interviewed Philadelphia-based DJ, DJ Aktive. Dj Aktive is currently the tour DJ for Kanye West. Throughout, the years he has worked with Philadelphia R & B artist, Musiq Soulchild, R & B recording artist, Marsha Ambrosius, and others.

DJing is not just about playing everyone’s favorite music, because if that was the case we all could be a DJ. Just like any other craft, there is an artistry behind DJing. This day and age many of the up and coming  DJ’s do not stay true to the original art form of DJing, because of technology progressing and everything becoming more simplified. DJ Aktive on the other hand is a well-rounded DJ who has taken the time to perfect his craft, knowing both how to mix and scratch.

“I taught myself how to mix,” DJ Aktive explains in the video. “As far as scratching I learned that from Jazzy Jeff, Cash Money, and DJ Demo.”

DJ Aktive in the video is sporting one of Kings Rule Together’s “Young King” shirts, and speaks of how he likes the KRT line as a whole, because of its overall message- “Unity.” He explains in the video his style when performing as a DJ, as well as offering advice to up and coming DJ’s.

His closing statement was that with anything that you do, consistency will always remain the key to success and I couldn’t have said that any better myself.

Kings Inspire Kings Video | Dj Aktive from Kings Rule Together on Vimeo.