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“The Best of Philadelphia”

I can remember a few years back reading the Philadelphia Magazine in the barbershop saying I need to be in this magazine. I always considered myself as a fashion maven residing in the area so I knew that one day a kings dream would come true. Now 3 years later I had the pleasure of being featured in the March 2013 issue for  fashion highlighting “20 best dressed Philadelphian’s”. It was a honor to be recognized in such a notable level amongst many other fashionable people in the city of Philadelphia. As fashion is something I breathe, to be labeled as this in the city that I was born and raised in and carry it on my back everywhere I go is an honor and truly an amazing feeling.

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“Past creation can inspire new ideas”. -K.R.T.

K.R.T. introduces its second collection Pre Spring 2013 titled “Abstract” which was inspired by an innovative artist of the late 19th century by the name of  Piet Mondrian.  A Dutch born artist Piet became an important contributor to the De Stijl art movement best known for his non-representational form termed Neo-Plasticism.

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“Something so effortless and refined”

Initially when looking for something fashionable to wear, often I would overlook the turtleneck . Over the years peoples perception of the “turtleneck” was altered due to years of brands only targeting the more mature crowd such as; grandfathers, grandmother etc, thus the turtleneck has evolved into a “must have” for the fashion innovator. As traditional Americana circumvented back into the mainstream fashion industry, this created an outlet for the turtleneck to be reintroduced.

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“Quality, Unique, American” – Connor Dickson 

A key part of a King’s lifestyle are his networking abilities. In my travel’s I had a plethora of opportunities to meet an array of different entrepreneur’s and learn from other brands within the surrounding community. With that being said, it’s extremely important to me that we support local brands that have a good message behind them or a unique standing. One local entrepreneur whom I’ve gained a great respect for is designer Connor Dickson, of Lancaster, PA. → Read more

“Kings Ruling together” – Young King

I recently teamed up with a great friend of mine Michael Reynolds, to do a style project for Osrick Ingredients Cricket. Osrick Ingredients Cricket is a menswear line that offers cutting edge men’s cricket inspired clothing, such as t-shirts, knit vests, cricket pique shirts, cricket sport coats, Oxford shirts, trousers, and other sport inspired apparel products.

The video was shot by Juan Ortiz of Redd Pen Media, it captures behind the scenes footage from the shoot. I love what I do and this day was no different, it was filled with a lot of hard work and excitement. I styled along side with Rodney Jon (MUA), Vincent sawyer (His Exclusively) and Pixtions (Photography). Check out the video. – K.R.T.