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“Queens Inspire….”

We’re excited to release the first installment of our ‘Queens Inspire Queens’ collection. We collaborated with author Alex Elle and created an exclusive limited-edition sweatshirt. Letting her writing take us on a journey of life, Alex Elle is a Queen displaying inspiration to women around the world by spreading the message, “You are a queen, so even when they push you don’t take your crown off.” This quote and many others has boosted the confidence of Queens and Kings alike.

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In the middle of the two gentlemen rocking our “Queens Inspire Kings” sweatshirt is non other than Karen Civil (The Queen Of Social Media). For those of you that do not know who she is Karen is a multi-talented business woman. Specializing in being a consultant, publicist, reporter and quasi-A&R. We are very ecstatic to have someone of her stature support the brand. Be on the lookout for her next big move , it is always a pleasure to have a Queen inspire a king and other queens alike. -KRT


 “Queen of Harlem”

Recently, Singer/songwriter/actress/rapper Teyana Taylor posted a video of her giving her fans a snippet of her singing(See Below), wearing our signature “Queens Inspire Kings” sweatshirt.

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Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 4.38.15 PM“Queen Marsha Ambrosius supports the brand” – K.R.T.

The inspiring and talented singer/songwriter Marsha Ambrosius continues to be a loyal supporter K.R.T.  Marsha was recently spotted wearing the iconic “Queens Inspire Kings” sweatshirt, while spending time with her family. Marsha is no stranger to the brand, you may remember seeing her debuting some of her talent on K.R.T’s blog, as she was the first Queen we interviewed for our “Queens Inspire Kings” video segment.  Which can be viewed Here. – K.R.T.

“Queens Inspire Kings Video series”

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Marsha Ambrosius while vending at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia. Not too long after, I was able to speak with Ambrosius about her life and her music for my first Queens Inspire Kings interview series.

She is first remembered for being a member of the music duo Floetry. With her sultry sound, powerful vocals and gifted writing ability, it was only a matter of time before she went into solo recording. Hailing from England she currently resides in Philadelphia.

Marsha was nominated for a Grammy  for “Best R and B Song”.  Despite the nomination, Ambrosius  explains that she does not write or record songs as what she feels will win her an award or what will give air play. Ambrosius goes into detail about the creative process behind creating her music.

When I asked about her move from Liverpool, England to Philadelphia she explained that she visited Philadelphia, because someone bought her a ticket. Not too long after leaving for a short period of time she fell in love with it.

Ambrosius describes the surrealism of writing “Butterflies”, a come back song for the pop legend Michael Jackson, but also explains the intended purpose for writing the song. Originally the song was not written for Jackson, but actually was a confessional she wrote it about a man that she had a crush on in London. Upon her arrival to Philadelphia a demo was recorded. Along with “Butterflies”, “Say Yes” which was recorded by Floetry was also on the demo. Out of the few songs that were on the demo Jackson chose “Butterflies”.

Having this time to be able to speak with the Queen Marsha Ambrosius was definitely a humbling experience. Check out the video.

Video by Julian of Forever Dope Society.