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“Living A King’s Vision”

In order for anything to come into fruition, one must have a sight that is set apart from the rest of the world. As the Kings and Queens that we are, we reached our status by having an understanding, a goal- a Vision. A vision goes far beyond the naked eyes of Kings and Queens, but instead looks ahead to the future. In order to have self control and assurance as a ruler, they must be believable in terms of where they shall lead the people. The people are the epicenter of a King and Queen’s vision.

K.R.T. welcomes you to enjoy the “Vision” collection as Kings and Queens who realize that there are no limitations as to how far that we can go together. Are you willing to open your eyes to the “Vision”?

Living A King’s Vision Tanks & T-shirt available HERE

Living A Queen’s Vision & Visionary T-shirt available HERE   Living A Queen’s Vision Tank Top available HERE  Eye Exam T-shirt and Visionary T-shirt available HERE What do you think about the “Vision”?

“Living A King’s Vision” 

On Thursday, June 28, the young King had a release event at Kembrel for my latest K.R.T. collections- the “Vision” collection and “Inspire” summer series edition.

The purpose of the event was to let the people see through the eyes of a King, because I wanted for my vision to become clearer.  A few weeks before the event, K.R.T. supporters anxiously awaited the arrival of my new shirts since I posted a picture of at least one of the shirts on Instagram.

From start to finish of the event, people came to purchase K.R.T. merchandise and enjoy the company of other K.R.T. supporters. The guests arrived looking their absolute best, while showcasing their style. Sounds were provided by DJ Mike Lowry, who was able to capture the moment by playing the soulful yet unforgettable songs of the nineties and then crossed over to some of the newer music of this current generation. Live models, Karon Byers and Sylvia Ardente,  stood in the windows of Kembrel sporting the “Living a King’s/Queen’s Vision” shirts. The guests that came enjoyed the culinary styles and tastes of Victoria’s Kitchen along side some natural fresh juice from Abu The Juiceman. While the guests were satisfied by their K.R.T. purchases, their taste buds and stomachs also were also in delight.Photographers, Ricky Codio, Dominique Nichole, as well as videographer, Julian Willingham from Forever Dope Society (FDS) were able to capture every moment.

The wonderful part about the night was that there was practically a smile on every face at Kembrel, because they knew that they were apart of my vision. The night ended on a note that make me feel proud and assured that we were all living the vision. – K.R.T.

K.R.T. Vision Collection Release at Kembrel from Kings Rule Together on Vimeo.

Check the pictures from the event here 

“A few summer releases for the people”

Over the past few weeks, I have posted a few pictures of the new clothing for K.R.T. on my Instagram. With growing excitement the wait is finally over. I would like to invite all of K.R.T.’s current and future supporters to join K.R.T. as we release the “Vision” collection and Summer “Inspire” series on June 28th from 5pm-9pm at Kembrel on 1822 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, Pa.

Started by UPenn students, Kembrel is an exclusive shopping village for fashion adventurers who desire quality clothing and apparel as well as accessories.

In order to show our appreciation, each guest in attendance will receive 25% off of all Kembrel merchandise. I hope to see you there. – K.R.T.

Music by Dj Mike Lowry

Photography by Ricky Codio and Dominique Nichole.

Videography by Forever Dope Society(FDS)

Refreshments by Orange Line Phila, Victoria Kitchen and Abu The Juiceman.


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“putting your heart into your art and breaking limitations”

Kings Rule Together second time collaborating on a product is with the Philadelphia based brand Natrl Born Heart Brkers. Natrl Born Heart Brkers is all about putting your heart into your art and breaking limitations, which is what Kings Rule Together is all about.  I decide to incorporate the popular  “Kings INSPIRE Kings,” and “Queens INSPIRE Kings” Designs into the pins because  I believe in these motto’s wholeheartedly. In an effort to continue sharing these beliefs, Natrl Born Heart Brkers and I decided that another collaboration was the best option.

As you can see from the video, the pins are hand painted and crafted with precision and care. The finished product is a reflection of the heart of both brands, and can be chosen in 4 different styles for Kings and Queens alike. – K.R.T.

The K.R.T. X NBHB collaborative pins can be found HERE.

“He’s (Pharrell) a King and I’m inspired by him… Kings inspire Kings.” – Curran J

Back in December I had the opportunity to be apart of a video for Pharrell Williams for an innovative movement called i am OTHER. As explained by Pharrell “i am OTHER is a cultural movement dedicated to Thinkers, Innovators and Outcasts.” Here is a behind the scenes look at the i am OTHER video. Director, Justin Francis, explained the videos concept, which was a loose parody of the extraterrestrial and science fiction films of the 20th century (more than likely “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”).

The overall message was that it was time for those who are creative, different, and socially outside of what is considered to be normal to step outside of their comfort zones and just be who they are. Pharrell as well as his  artists Buddy, Maxine Ashley, and Leah LaBelle gave cameos and spoke of the project.

Check out the video below. You can see the young King at the 34 second mark and even speaking of my experience during the filming of the project at 2:10. mark. – K.R.T.