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“I want to be a successful designer and own my own clothing store” – Young King 2005

The words above is a quote from my old high school’s yearbook that I said. I didn’t realize that I said these words until I came back to Germantown High for the first time since 2005 for “I’m A Boss Day.”  A former classmate of mine, who was there, reminded me of this. This inspired me, due to the fact that along my road to success, my thoughts along the way when exiting high school was to tell myself and others that I never really knew what I wanted to do. The thing was that I really did know what I wanted to do, I just didn’t have any direction while doing it.

That was my main speech this day. Sometimes you may not have a clue or even be qualified for many opportunities, but hard work, dedication and consistency are the few keys to success whether you have experienced a great education or not. I told the students at Germantown High my many ups and downs as well as the benefit and roles that school, teachers, and parenting played upon their arrival to the big leagues.   My story was a perfect example of not being a product of your environment and overcoming the many stereotypes of today’s world.  Though I have so much more to accomplish,  I felt that I was a great representation of  how you can ” Turn Your Dreams To A Reality.”- K.R.T.

Check out the video below by Forever Dope Society.

“New K.R.T. Products for the Queens”

In order for the King to rule he must have a unified understanding with his Queen, team work makes the dream work. That is the message behind bringing out these new designs for the Queens.  You can now purchase these items on the new online store HERE - K.R.T.

“Kings Rule Together New Online Store Launch” 

Clothing lines, photographers, hipsters, the fashion foes brands alike gathered to show support to one movement two weeks ago,  Kings Rule Together. On April 27, 2012 held the much anticipated launch of my new online store. During the K.R.T Online Store Launch, people quickly trickled in and taking in the scenery at The Gallery Exquisite ( 1040 N. American St, Northern Liberties) .

Upon one’s arrival it was hard to ignore the K.R.T. inspired paintings hanging on the walls by the artists Ivben Taqiy, Ibn Anderson, Bariq Cobbs and Ozlo. There was even a painting made in the likeness of myself. K.R.T  released 4 new products – all now available on the new online store, which were displayed on an installation piece created by Search and Rescue.

People shared laughs over hor d’oeuvres and cupcakes designed in the likeness of K.R.T’s signature crowns. by the mights end multiple prizes had been raffled off including two designer watches from BlumLux and few new item from the clothing line. K.RT. ‘s  first twenty-five guests who arrived that evening, received discounts on all apparel on the new online store. Custom INSPIRE t-shirts were available on site, where guests got to choose the colors of their shirt from OKG designs.

Dj Mike Lowry was on the 1s and 2s for the night, whereas photography was provided by Ricky Codio and Dominique Nichole.  Videography was in full effect by Derrick Woodyard & Forever Dope Society(FDS).

The night ended on the best possible note with every guest leaving satisfied, emulating the king or queen they truly are. – K.R.T.

Video below is shot and directed by videographer Derrick Woodyard.

This video below by Forever Dope Society(FDS) captures the event from beginning to the end.

Check out the photos form the event HERE

“The beginning of the beginning”

It’s finally done! On April 27th, Kings Rule Together will be launching our new online store at Gallery Exquisite (1040 N. American St- right across the street from Darling Diner in the Piazza). Come out and have a good time with us for this long anticipated launch! From 7- 10 pm Friday night come check out K.R.T.’s spring line, some “photo fun,” food, and plenty of contests and giveaways all for FREE.

We’ll also be creating custom color “Inspire” shirts and tanks on site that night.  The first twenty-five (25) guests will receive discounts on all K.R.T apparel whether on site or via the new online store.  Come get inspired, and enter to win the “Royal Crowning King and Queen” contest upon entry.  This is one K.R.T event you don’t want to miss! – K.R.T.

Music by Dj Mike Lowry

Photography by Ricky Codio, Color of Life and Dominique Nichole.

Videography by Derrick Woodyard & Forever Dope Society(FDS)


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 “The little black tank”

Every woman has a “little black dress” in her closet. Now KRT  introduce’s the “Little Black Tank,” its truly an essential in every Queen’s wardrobe. Purchase your’s HERE. – K.R.T.