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“For all the jadenators”

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting the young superstar Jaden Smith. Jaden and his father Will Smith are currently filming a movie in Philadelphia called “After Earth” and it’s scheduled to be released in May 2012.

Since his arrival he has grown very fond of KRT, this will be the 3rd time he’s sported our apparel. Be sure to check out “After Earth” when it hits theaters we all know his talent doesn’t fall far from the tree. – K.R.T.

Jaden takes a picture wearing the signature K.R.T. design “Kings Inspire Kings” in his trailor on set at “After Earth” and posted it on his instagram.

 Jaden has a sock line called Stance and he happily gave me a two pairs for myself.

“K.R.T. first collaboration” 

Only in Philadelphia can a Duke inspire a King. Recently, Kings Rule Together (K.R.T.) completed our first collaboration t-shirt with noted hipster brand Duke & Winston. This collabo itself was inspired by  D & W’s owner Seun Olubosum and  myself after our first partnered event at the Philadelphia Apple store in mid March.  The event “Kings Inspire Dukes,” sponsored by Hylo Boutiques focused on  the beneficial roles that technology and social media play in brand-building in today’s fast-paced retail market.

This exclusive edition tee is now available for a limited time on the K.R.T. online store, get yours before its gone! HERE

Check out the video Below.

Dukes Inspire Kings T-shirt Release Video from Kings Rule Together on Vimeo.

Photography by Ricky Codio

Videography by Derrick Woodyard

 “Even the weak become strong when they are united.” – Friedrich Schiller 

The K.R.T. Unity t-shirt was designed to promote a undivided group of men at their peek, by showing style and character as they work together while maintain their King structure. You can now purchase this item in both Black and heather gray HERE – K.R.T.

“Own one before its too late”

Highly anticipated and long over due the wait is finally over… well sort of! The Limited Edition Floral “Queen” Hoodie has been in HIGH demand since the release of the Limited Edition Floral “King” hoodie, and is NOW available for Pre-Order! This V-Neck hoodie will be available in two colors; Black and Wildberry and range from a size small to a extra large. – K.R.T.

Pre-order HERE

Special Thanks to the model DJ JoviBaby.

 “When blending in goes right”

The Limited Edition King hoodie is back but with a new twist. I decided to incorporate my popular design with a very trendy but relevant pattern; Army fatigue. The best part about this design is that it can be worn in numerous ways not including army fatigue cargos. Your choices are my favorite which is why i chose the colors Salmon and Black. Which ever color you choose you will be one of the first and last with this limited edition item. The new design is only available to a few Kings in this world, get yours while they’re still in stock!  – K.R.T.

Purchase Hoodie Here