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“Men of style”

I was really intrigued to see how different the style was on the everyday people of the city. I don’t think I can judge much off of the five days I was there, but it reminds me a lot of New York City. You can’t really tell who is a native or who’s a visitor, it’s like a melting pot of various countries and ethnicity’s. I’m sure this plays a role in why London has such a diverse fashion scene. All in all I found great inspiration in the men of the city because we all had something in common. “Style” – K.R.T.

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 “International Men’s Fashion”

Being that I only went to NYFW for one day I was excited to attend London Fashion Week s/s 2013. As I still consider myself a new photographer going to fashion week is a great way for me to test my skills. If you miss a shot you miss a great image and no photographer likes missing a great shot. Since this was my first time in London I made sure I paid close attention to the details on every person I encountered. I can honestly say that searching for style is easier when its right in front of your face everywhere you look.

Check out some of the stylish men of London Fashion Week I captured during A King’s Journey to London, England. – K.R.T.

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“Fashion at the festival”

Saturday wasn’t just a regular day on the popular fashion landmark Walnut street. This day was the Rittenhouse Row Spring festival where streets were blocked off from Broad Street to 19th and Walnut. Rittenhouse Row showcases some of Philadelphia’s finest fashions, cuisines and entertainment. This occasion was exciting to say the least and like any other day on Walnut, the fashion-forward people were out and about on the busy street. As always I had my camera on my shoulder, but for some reason I only took pictures of one guy in particular which was Adrian Hardy.

Hardy, a Philadelphia-based Dj and entrepreneur with an affinity for troublemaking and original style, has had involvement with major nightclubs and special events from NYC to Vegas & Boston to Miami. I really liked his outfit because it was a effortless mix between classic, vintage and modern day apparel, making it great ensemble. – K.R.T.

 Straw boater by Ponte Rialo, Venice & vintage glasses. 

 Vintage silk pocket square from eBay estate sale & Armani Exchange suit

Reebok classic sneakers


“A passionate city for basketball with style” 

I recently had the opportunity and pleasure of visiting the beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. Not knowing how beautiful it was until my visit,  the one commodity  that  I knew of was the NBA basketball team The Utah Jazz. With the breath-taking scenery with every turn of the head, the carefully thought through layout of the architecture, as well as the population of 181,743 of those who resided there was a sight to see. As beautiful as the city was my focus was to figure out if this city had any sense of style. I wouldn’t say the entire city did, but the few that did possess some sort of style  stood out from the rest.

Despite me getting getting turned down from taking pictures of people half of the time (which may be due to the fact that they aren’t used to random people taking their pictures), nonetheless I was able to find a few diamonds in the rough. You be the judge and let me know what you think about this city’s sense of fashion from my view point. – K.R.T.

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“Some of the most stylish men from all over the globe”

I’m always looking for stylish people to shoot on the street, some areas are more abundant with style then others. There have been days when I went out looking for people to shoot and didn’t find anybody. So when the opportunity presented itself after my interview with Marcus Troy “hint” it was much appreciated due to the fact that some of the most stylish people in the world were in one place. Check out these cool guys I had the pleasure of photographing at Project Las Vegas.- K.R.T.

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