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 “Real style, Real people”

During my trip to London I noticed a lot of stylish women in various areas from oxford circus, brick lane, Carnaby st, Dover street market etc. Although these women were not apart of London Fashion Week they all seemed to just naturally have style. I know the feeling when  you just walk out of the house dressed for yourself and some random person asks you to take a picture on the street. That means your doing something right. Needless to say every aspect of London has style. – K.R.T.

Check out some of the stylish women I was able to captured after the break.

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“Women and fashion goes hand in hand”

Since I first introduced (Street Queens) to K.R.T., taking pictures of stylish women is always lots of fun during my travels. For some reason I see more stylish women than men and they are a little more creative with their appearance. I guess you can say it is because they have more options. This being my first time in London for fashion week one thing that I couldn’t help but notice were the various amounts of jackets of all sorts amongst the women in attendance. The weather over London was so tricky, so I saw a little bit of style from every season outside of the Somerset House.

Check out some of the stylish women I was able to captured during LFW. – K.R.T.

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“a few styles on one street corner”

The other day, while posted on 17th and Samson, I was holding my camera while engaged in a conversation with my friends Shaheed and BigRube.  My eyes were wandering, looking around for that one person that deserved a snap shot. I noticed a few well-dressed women which cut our conversation short, they stood out to me amongst the crowded street.

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“Fur Trend for fall/winter”

Now that I am paying more attention to women’s fashion, I couldn’t help but notice the amount of fur being worn during my time at Fashion Week. While some say “fashion is pain,” these women kept warm while looking cool in the harsh New York City weather.  The most amazing thing about seeing this trend so often during my visit, was that it wasn’t overwhelming– as most trends can be. Each person expressed themselves individually, making  fur look more like a wardrobe staple than a trend. – K.R.T.

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“Queens Inspire Kings” – Curran J

This is the first time I ever put woman’s street style on K.R.T. Its hard not to take note of the many stylish women in attendance during this fashion packed week. Last season many more women stood out to me fashion wise. Ever since, I told myself I would focus more on women’s street style and introduce my audience to my view on women’s fashion from the eyes of a young King. Check out more pictures after the break. – K.R.T.

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