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 “Killing two birds with one stone”

I recently had the opportunity to style the leading man Kevin Moore in R&B singer Vivian Green’s come back video “Anybody Out There” directed by Patryk Depa. I styled Moore in all three outfits provided by Kembrel and Culture Couture Vintage. Of course one of his looks would be the signature K.R.T. “Kings Inspire Kings” T-shirt. (white with baby blue inspire) available Here. Check out the video below. – K.R.T.

Blazer and v-neck provide by Kembrel

Blazer and v-neck provide by Kembrel. Pocket square provided by Armstrong & Wilson 

“Kings Ruling together” – Young King

I recently teamed up with a great friend of mine Michael Reynolds, to do a style project for Osrick Ingredients Cricket. Osrick Ingredients Cricket is a menswear line that offers cutting edge men’s cricket inspired clothing, such as t-shirts, knit vests, cricket pique shirts, cricket sport coats, Oxford shirts, trousers, and other sport inspired apparel products.

The video was shot by Juan Ortiz of Redd Pen Media, it captures behind the scenes footage from the shoot. I love what I do and this day was no different, it was filled with a lot of hard work and excitement. I styled along side with Rodney Jon (MUA), Vincent sawyer (His Exclusively) and Pixtions (Photography). Check out the video. – K.R.T.

In this Photo: We had one of the nerds take our picture with his camera while the photographers Chris Ackrivo & Misha Vaksman caught shots of him doing so.

K.R.T. Academy featured 19 guys including myself that created one of the most memorable moments of my life. Eager to let this story unfold, I cannot express enough how much joy that day brought. It was an honor that I was able to bring forth so many gentlemen for this project. K.R.T. Academy began, as a mere idea that I figured if it was going to happen, now is a better time than ever. I figured this was a way to highlight my styling abilities as well as other young Kings that I work with on a day-to-day basis.

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Welcome to K.R.T. Academy, a school of universal learning with an exclusive student body of young gentleman of all ethnicities. K.R.T. Academy is a place where young Kings come together to learn from one another with the aim of utilizing each other to build one another up.

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I’m back at it again as the wardrobe director for a new stage play “Popular”. Written and directed by the award winning playwright & director Shenille Latrice, who debuted her play “When the Smoke Cleared” to over 2,000 people. She is back with her sophomore project and this time around Latrice has created an ingenious production designed to provide audience members with a step by step, inside look at becoming “THE MAN or THE WOMAN” aka what it means to be Popular!

Check out this video on the stage play “Popular”


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