Global Village Embraces Philadelphia

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“It Takes a Village to raise a Brand”

At Kings Rule Together we have the saying “there is no greater power than the power of unity“. We don’t just say that because it sounds cool but we feel strongly and act in that manner. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the help of many mentors, friends, family and most importantly our supporters who have shaped us.  This is why we take pride in building relationships with quality people who we can gain strength and knowledge from. However, in order to have this unity and bond, everyone involved must identify with their role for a common goal. Our friend Ouigi of The Brooklyn Circus calls this The Global Village.

We had the privilege of hosting Ouigi, Sam Lambert & Shaka Maidoh of  Art Comes First in Philadelphia. They came here to cook up conversation and brainstorm with creative like minds for future global village projects.  This journey started two days prior with Rakia Reynolds of Skai Blue Media with a brunch at Cook restaurant to spark up conversation with local influencers and entrepreneurs.  It gave us an opportunity to hear first hand ArtComes First and Brooklyn circus’ individual stories and ideas for a global network.  Ouigi gave mentoring advice and a point of view that encompasses 100 years.  ACF further proved that originality and art leads the pack.

After the brunch we took our guests around a few cool places in town that speak to the culture.  Taking advantage of this opportunity, Ouigi interviewed Coach Gaines of Search+Rescue and Armstrong & Wilson in their creative spaces. Last but certainly not least to the ButcherShop.  BSR (ButcherShop x SR) provided props and furniture for Freedom hall, a progressive area in the Liberty Fairs Trade show which acts as a hub for the GlobalVillage.  It was time to discuss the installation for The BKc x Art Comes First pop-up and future endeavors… – K.R.T.

“This was not just a quest of well dress men being photographed but a bond between style and character with menswear as the voice”. – The BKc Blog

Photography by Darren Burton

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