Behind The King: The Philadelphia Inquirer

This past Wednesday I had the honor to be featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer on the front page and the cover of the Style section.  After meeting Philadelphia fashion writer Elizabeth Wellington at an event, I was invited to participate in a shoot for her next column: The Fashion Nerd. Playing off of my style, the Fashion Nerd is a breed of stylish men who enjoy vintage clothing and harking back to the days of gentlemanly dressing. The entire experience happened quickly and was so surreal and I would like to thank Elizabeth and the Philadelphia Inquirer for allowing me this amazing opportunity.

Many people ask me how do I get most of my press coverage. I think it’s a combination of networking and showcasing one’s personality. By going to different events and being myself, I display my unique style and follow up on every chance encounter. By putting yourself out there you will be surprised at the opportunities that come back to you. K.R.T.


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