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310866_10150360945956896_532395729_nWelcome to K.R.T. Academy, a school of universal learning with an exclusive student body of young gentleman of all ethnicities. K.R.T. Academy is a place where young Kings come together to learn from one another with the aim of utilizing each other to build one another up.

K.R.T. Academy is the breeding ground for the modern day Renaissance man. A man who encompasses well-rounded traits and capabilities and portrays characteristics that run the gamut of nerd, rebel, jock, prep and mentor. These archetypes representing the collegiate male at K.R.T. Academy combine to bring together differing groups and create a world where unity and togetherness is key. 

“Smart is the new cool”


The stereotype of a Nerd is someone who is awkward, studious, and/or unattractive and has an interest in intellectual endeavors. Nerds are often being picked on for being smart as though it is a bad thing. Oft-times being smart is looked at as being uncool. Nerds tend to associate themselves with other like-minded people, who reinforce the need for scholastic achievement. And they know that spending more time studying & learning than partying is key to achievement. Scholastic excellence is a tenet that is celebrated at K.R.T. Academy and being a nerd is revered as a positive and not a negative.

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“Who said breaking the rules was a bad thing”


Attitude like Huey Newton and style like a young Malcolm X.  Looks can be deceiving and the rebellious man is proof of that. Having a bad guy appearance doesn’t mean that you are a criminal. These guys are the oposite of how they look. Rebels simply don’t follow the social norm of how an everyday gentleman must think and dress. Being different is now becoming more trendy than ever and people are starting to notice how individuality, breaking the rules and dressing on your own terms is the new status quo. At K.R.T. Academy individuality is a must, creativity is a prerequisite and rebelling in dress and thought is vital to the K.R.T. lifestyle.

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“Good Sportsmanship and Competitive spirit are the makings of a winner”


Here at K.R.T. Academy we believe that sportsmanship and a good-natured competitive spirit are not just necessary endeavors of men but prized qualities of winning men. Jocks are often viewed as the “It” guys on campus, parading their male bravado and accolades. Instead of fostering the stereotypical macho male, at K.R.T. jocks are seen as the standard of physical discipline, collaborative teamwork and passion for achievement. Additionally we want to dispel the myth of the arrogant, womanizing athlete and instill a code of ethics and respect on and off the court.

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“Polish, Poise, Perfection. The K.R.T. Gentleman” 


K.R.T. Academy is synonymous with the finer things in life. Our dedicated student body is continuing the legacy of their forefathers and taking the extra step to create a lasting legacy for themselves. By taking pride in the details whether it is wearing an immaculate uniform or running for Student Body president, K.R.T. Gentleman are bred to appreciate their good fortune and instead of bragging use their fortune for the benefit of others.

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“A protector and a lifelong friend”


We pride ourselves for the mentors we have here at K.R.T. Academy. Their knowledge is profound and we have hand picked some of the best and the brightest to groom these young Kings into leadership roles. Our focus at K.R.T. Academy is to take on many endeavors and challenges that will help our students to overcome any fear of failing but if so failing forward. Learning from their mistakes and teaching others how to do it right the next time. The purpose of these mentors is to instill the gifts into these young Kings and make them use it appropriately.

IMG_2646-2 IMG_2646

K.R.T. Academy is the lifeline that will bridge the gap between what many young men are striving for and what they will eventually achieve. It is my hope that Kings Rule Together and K.R.T. Academy will serve as the sounding board for the next generation of enterprising, purposeful and eager young men who are poised to take over the world. – K.R.T.

Top: Uncool Chuck, Darren Meadows, Curran J, Sabir M. Peele
Bottom: Taji Nahl, Clifton Wilson, Brandon Wright, Ricky Yong, Maurice Rainey, Dara Han, Ontario Armstrong, Andrew Smith, Fellipe Cardoso, Erik Honesty, Josh “Dizzy” Dzime-Assison, Jamel Ransom, Yasin Nahl, Shaheed Rucker and Tony Rogers

Styled by Curran J. 
Photography by Luxury Light Photography  


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