IbnMajid Clothing Co. “Brothers from Another”

IbnMajid Clothing Co. “Brothers from Another”
October 26, 2010 Curran

I recently did a Photo Shoot with Ibn Majid Clothing for their 2010 fall/winter back 2 school LookBook. We took different shots all over the University city area. Check out the fall 2010 photo shoot. http://shop.ibnmajidclothing.com

Majid Ford and Ibin Ingram  say when you are around a person a lot you begin to look alike…I guess that’s the case for the founders of IbnMajid Clothing Co. However, the duo have the perfect contrast when it comes to the business of fashion. Majid designs most of IbnMajid’s artwork directed toward their target markets while Ibin takes the designs to the right retailers and customer base for sales. Majid notes, ”You can’t have one without the other.”  He explains, “you can have a great product that no one knows, about and you can sell inferior products that won’t stand the test of time.” “We compliment each other and push ourselves in the roles that we play.” This mindset is what started the company in 2007 (1428 Islamic Calendar) and keeps them active in a very competitive market. The brothers are passionate about their business and the opportunities to diversify their line. “We have our sites on a few different markets and feel confident that we will be able to deliver and be successful.” The brother’s definition of success is rooted in their commitment to family.  ”Success does not equal money for us”, Ibin says. “Building a strong brand that can be around for generations and run by the family is a success.” With clean and simplistic designs, business savvy, and a humble approach IbnMajid Clothing Co. is poised to stand the test of time… Frauds Dont Last

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