Arts, Beats & Eats Spotlight

Arts, Beats & Eats Spotlight
December 3, 2010 Curran

As you may or may not know I organize a monthly social mixer with Shaheed Rucker (Change_Makers) and Gianni Lee (babyloncartel) called Arts, Beats and Eats every first Sunday since May. The popularity of this event has grown tremendously with “doers” and young professionals in the tri-state area. Recently I noticed that the people who attend were not connecting with others like I wanted them to.

So we came up with a segment called “The Spotlight” which gives up to 10 attendees the opportunity to share who they are and what they do. Many times when you’re socializing you miss out on the who’s who in the room because you do not know who they are unless you introduce yourself. This makes it easier for both parties to know how each other can be of assistance to one another without being scared to network.

If you are interested contact me so I can add you to the “The Spotlight” and check out the agenda for this Sunday’s Arts, Beats and Eats event.

12.5 Arts, Beats and Eats “Toy Drive”

  • Live art done by Iye Yinde (populartyin)
  • Raffle for painting done by Iye Yinde
  • Spoken word artists: Cruical Poet, Smyte Nine
  • Vendors: Urbanea, Mijourne, American dreaming mag, Missfit Vintage, Brittany Deshields (designer)
  • “The Spotlight”
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    1. Maggie 8 years ago

      What a neat arctile. I had no inkling.


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