Black Style Bloggers Tweetup

Black Style Bloggers Tweetup
December 20, 2010 Curran

I picked the best day to go to New York. I left Philly at 4pm  to be stuck in traffic for 3hrs with a dead cell phone. Luckily I had my iPad which helped me connect with friends via twitter and  find my way to the Black Style Bloggers event that I had been anticipating. Hosted by and The Lowe Factor,  I was exicted about this event being that  I am a new blogger and am always interested in exploring other cities and  meeting new creative people.

The event was held @Ferality Boutique on 62 Clinton st. and was to recognize bloggers of color in the area of fashion, beauty, hair care and personal style. The event was beyond amazing and there were  raffles, cocktails and spa treatments available. Even though it took me an extra hour and a half to get there, it was well worth the trip to finally meet so many great bloggers and be able to put faces to such stylish blogs.

Check out the pictures I took at the Black Style Bloggers Tweetup

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  1. Love this! Thanks hun! It was nice to meet you.

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