No Gaps Round Table: House of Ra'oof

No Gaps Round Table: House of Ra'oof
December 8, 2010 Curran

Where did you get your style from?

This was the question that my good friend and mentor  Taji Nahl of House of Ra’oof posed to his guests at his networking event at Ms. Tootsies this past Friday.  The event bought together a variety of style and fashion lovers of all ages (from 18 to 70 years old) and races, hence the name No Gaps. I took some time to really think about where I get my style from and my answer was:

“I get my style from my dad but my mom wouldn’t allow me to wear white t-shirts so I had no choice to adjust and dress differently”

The crowd found this funny, but it’s true. I definitely derive my style from my parents and the beliefs and uniqueness they instilled in me. The event was a huge success and congrats to House of Ra’oof. Read the rest of the post to check out the pictures from the No Gaps event and learn more about the House of Ra’oof.

House of Ra’oof is a vintage haberdashery, modern home decorative and fine arts line. Taji Nahl and Artist Hamid Holloman have developed a line of reconstructed custom vintage that incorporates vintage with graphic art. Philly is the base but the plan is to become an international brand. You can definitely find House of Ra’oof in my arsenal along with many other quintessential gentleman.

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