PROJECT x Stylecaster Correspondent Finalist: Tawfeeq Gaines

PROJECT x Stylecaster Correspondent Finalist: Tawfeeq Gaines
January 5, 2011 Curran

This might be the dopest video I have seen in a while. Tawfeeq Gaines is a Philly native, NY boutique owner and mentor of mine. I have learned a lot from him just by watching him represent many brands from Meezan Artcoutoure, Flightsckool and Prince of Soho. Tawfeeq put together this video for the Project x Stylecaster competition. He is a finalist and needs everyone’s support to win. Please vote/like the video on Youtube.

Project Correspondent Stylecaster video from Tawfeeq Gaines on Vimeo.

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  1. Monique W. 9 years ago

    Good segment! Well thought out and executed. I expect nothing less from this dude though! Keep philly on the map for all the strong talent and trendsetting ability it possesses here within our city!

  2. maurice rainey 9 years ago

    Beautiful thing to see young kings expanding year in and out keep up the good work.

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