A King’s Wardrobe: NYFW

A King’s Wardrobe: NYFW
February 28, 2011 Curran

Sub-Urban: n; A sub-culture to the typical Urban market that gives cutting edge style to suburban influenced apparel.

Fashion is ineffable.  Being able to switch up your appearance with a mixture of  preppy, contemporary, modern, vintage inspired, shows ones versatilty and ability to adapt.  One must give creativity top priority over the variables that may hinder ones style, such as specific trends, budget restraints, or even saturation in the market…

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  • Blazer by Missfit Vintage
  • Navy Blue Turtleneck by Banana Republic
  • Brown corduroy pants by BDG
  • Socks by JCrew
  • Sneakers by Paul Smith

Photos by Fashioni.st

IMG_8680 IMG_8683 IMG_8685 IMG_8690 IMG_8699 IMG_8705

  • 1970s Persian Lambs ambassador hat
  • Glasses by Gucci
  • Shawl neck knit cardigan
  • Vintage floral tie
  • Plaid button-up by Ralph Lauren Purple Label
  • Tie dye jeans by Drive Jeans
  • Denim miniature Duffle Bag by Rheyn
  • Wingtip 3/4 length boots by Douglas

Photos by: Hannan Saleh

curran CurranJ1 CurranJ2 gqnycfw71-1

Photo by swagger360 & kiddunot

fwstreet3-1   Picture-1176  Picture-1179Picture-1177

Photos by Kiddunot

NYFW anmlhse-nyfw-014nyfw anmlhse-nyfw-010  NYFW Shoesockcuff

Photos by AnmlHse

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  1. Ms. Mafia Ali 8 years ago

    I love your style! It is iconic! Keep doing your thing, it will take you places you’ve never imagined!

    • Author
      Curran J Swint 7 years ago

      Thank you – K.R.T.

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