ABE Best Dressed Spotlight: Hamid Holloman

ABE Best Dressed Spotlight: Hamid Holloman
March 14, 2011 Curran

This past Arts, Beats & Eats  I decided to feature the best dressed man in attendance. It was a tough decision being as though many gentleman came with their A game. There was one in particular that stood out to me the most. None other then artist, graphic designer Hamid Holloman of Mese Design studio and Co-laborative Laboratory.

This was a rainy day & I liked how he took the weather into consideration when putting his outfit together. The turn out was so great that I plan to do this for every first Sunday at Arts, Beats & Eats, so fellas come dressed to impressed to get a style feature on Kings Rule Together. K.R.T.

Hamid’s King Wardrobe:

  • Polo Madrif Jeff Hat
  • Red G-shock watch
  • Polo western rain jacket
  • Vintage woolrich fatigue shirt
  • Vintage Peiere Cardin Short sleeve button up
  • Vintage belt & buckle uhuru furniture
  • Jeans by Cult of Individuality
  • St. Johns bay duck front rain boots

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  1. […] Every first Sunday of the month Shaheed Rucker of Changemakers Org & Gianni Lee of Babyloncartel & myself host a social mixer called Arts, Beats & Eats. We like to bring out the best  in our attendees from choices of music, conversation & even style. So I have been featuring the best dressed male every Sunday on my blog for a style feature (Check out last month winner Hamid Holloman). […]

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