Kings Recognize Kings: Theo Martins

Kings Recognize Kings: Theo Martins
April 14, 2011 Curran

I first saw the Rhode Island native Theo Martins at the Anml Hse 3 years anniversary concert/party here in Philly back in March. There were many artists that night but he was one of the ones that stood out to me the most. I had heard of Theo Martins before but his stage presence & his style of dress left a memorable stamp.

My good friend Tasha Bleu of Treu Bleu Imagery, who is a amazing photographer, recently shot a diverse and unique set of photographs of Theo. When  it comes to being an artist you have to have a balance in all things from creativity, presentation, talent & style & Theo represents that. He is giving a breath of fresh air to the industry. I don’t know exactly what genre of music I would put him in, lets just say he is a Talented Young King. K.R.T.

Click to see Tasha’s amazing photos and learn more about Theo

Theo’s Kings Wardrobe 1:

– Jacket: GAP
– Top: RL
– Jeans: Levi’s
– Shoes: Minnetonka
– Socks by J.Crew
– Bag by J.Crew
– Watch by Modify Watches
– Glasses: Thrift

Theo’s Kings Wardrobe 2:

– Blazer: Polo Ralph Lauren
– Top: Polo Ralph Lauren
– Pant: Uniqlo
– Shoes: Sperry Topsider
– Socks: J.Crew
– Glasses: H&M
– Bracelet: Handmade Zambian Jewelry
– Watch: Modify Watches

Theo’s Kings Wardobe 3:

– Top: J.Crew
– Pant: Uniqlo
– Socks: J.Crew
– Shoe: Sperry Topsider
– Bag: J.Crew
– Glasses: H&M
– Bracelet: Handmade Zambian Jewelry

Nelson Mandela Inaugural Address: A message Theo lives by

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  1. tasha bleu 9 years ago

    LOVE it!!


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